How to root the MetroPCS Samsung Admire (SCH-R720) (UPDATED 07.06.12)

This tutorial helps you get root on the MetroPCS version of the Samsung Admire.  The whole process is pretty easy as it is a One-Click Root solution, but you’ll have the Comments section to use below if you run into problems.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  These instructions are based on a rooting method using a Windows-based PC, so make sure you have a Windows PC.

2.  Back up your data – this isn’t strictly needed in this case but you never know.

3.  Download and install Samsung Drivers.

4.  Enable USB Debugging on the Samsung Admire.  To do this, head to Settings -> Applications -> Development and check the box next to Enable USB Debugging.

II.  Rooting the Device

1.  Download the One-Click Root zip file.

2.  Connect your device and make sure USB Debugging is enabled once more.

3.  Extract the downloaded zip file to folder on your desktop.

4.  Navigate to the unzipped folder and double-click run.bat.

5.  Once the process is complete, reboot the device.

You should now find the Superuser app installed on your device, signifying that you now have root.  If you don’t have Superuser, try installing this from the Market to check if you have root but not the Superuser app.  If that fails too, repeat the whole process once again.  Many users have reported the same process working on the second or third try, so keep at it – just remember to enable USB debugging before you do so.

Thanks to AI for the original post!!

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