Unofficial port of Ice-Cream Sandwich for the Huawei Ideos X5

The Ideos X5, that Android device released by Huawei last April in case you forgot, has got a new lease of life, thanks to a port of Android 4.0 released recently.  The hero responsible for this feat, dzo, must be a proud owner himself to dedicate such time to a device of this caliber and needless to say, all that midnight coding and tweaking has paid off and he now has a ROM that is called the Aurora ICS.  While fully functional, there are a few nags at the current time like slow startup of GPS or spotty WiFi connectivity but X5 owners will embrace this ROM without nitpicking these small details, I am sure.

To get this on their devices, X5 users should have updated to the latest version of the official Gingerbread ROM and need to have ClockWorkMod Recovery ver5.0.2.7 or ver5.5.0.4 installed.  Also, this will need a full wipe after installation, so be sure to back up your data before you even attempt flashing this ROM.

Head over to the XDA thread to know more and for the complete installation procedure.


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