VLC Media Player for Android now available in its beta form

There must be very few people who wouldn’t have heard of the VLC Media Player if they have used a PC frequently.  It is by far one of the most popular cross-platform media players and has support for almost every codec and format of video and audio that is popular right now.  I have always wished for it to make the transition from the desktop on to my Android device and lo, it’s seems to be happening already.

The beta version of the Android app is currently being worked on by adridu59, an XDA member, who has added support for ARM, Cortex-A9, and Cortex-A8 processors   As it is a beta version, you are bound to hear words like bugs and glitches, and the VLC app has its fair share with incomplete support for some formats currently and sporadically working hardware acceleration.  These things should be ironed out as more polished versions are released, and you might want to watch the dev thread closely to stay in the loop.


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