How To Enable Voice Commands over Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (and possiblly other devices as well)

A reader brought up an interesting issue yesterday. He said that no matter what he did, whenever he was connected to Bluetooth and was driving, he would have to actually pick up his phone and find the Voice Command button and then give commands over Bluetooth instead of the way most phones handle it by letting you just hold down the button on the Bluetooth headset. Now, obviously, this diminished the point of having the bluetooth in the first place for him as he’d still have to reach down, look for the phone, and take his eyes off the road.

The solution we eventually came up with is not a free solution, but it did solve his problem and he figured it was worth it. The issue seemed to be software related, so we did what anyone would do, starting scouring the Market for apps. After many failed attempts, the app we found was “Hands-Free with Choice Dialer” for $5.00. Simply search for it in the Market and install it. After that you can use your Bluetooth headset button to activate voice commands, viola!

UPDATE: So we found a free version of the Hands-Free with Choice Dialer app, give search for it in the Market and try that one first, if it helps you out then use that instead (unless, of course, you really want the paid features).

Anyone else have a different way of doing this instead? Let people know in the comments below.

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  • morefromLA

    Tried paid version of Choice Dialer with high expectations. Does not work well. Highly erratic, very unreliable,

  • J Sting

    I tried to install this app and Google Play said it was not compatible with my Galaxy S2.

  • Ginger

    The app installed and works through the phone but not my bluetooth … help?

  • Stewart Pintos

    Might be the one i’m after but says at Google play store that app is incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (rooted).

  • Marc Jacobs

    Choice Dialer was brilliant but can’t be used on ICS. Who knows an alternative ?

  • Ian Butson

    I have an LG G2 and I can’t even install this. LG don’t allow Bluetooth Voice Commands

    • Marie Scire Everhart

      I had voice command with my LgG4 with my Bluetooth
      but all of a sudden it stopped working, off to sprint to check if I did something to my settings