How to Root the HTC Inspire 4G (Advanced Ace Hack Kit Method)

Warning: This procedure is pretty risky, please use it at your own risk.

This guide will show you how to root your AT&T Inspire 4G in a few easy steps.  By following the guide below, you will not only be rooting your Inspire 4G but also gaining S-OFF and SIM Unlock, all in one go.  We don’t need to tell you that you’ll be voiding your warranty by doing so, but there is always the option of reverting to stock if there is ever a need to.  Read on then to root and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!!

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up any data you feel is important before proceeding; this could include your contacts (already taken care of if you have synchronized contacts with Google) and texts (SMS Backup+ is a good option).

2.  This procedure will turn your SD card into a goldcard, so you may lose all data on your card.  Be sure to back up this data in a safe location on your PC.

3.  Uninstall HTC Sync and any drivers associated with it.  You will be installing them while rooting the device.

4.  There is a chance that you might lose sound on your Inspire 4G after doing this; this can be rectified with a custom ROM or turning S-OFF.  Stop now if you do not want to take this risk.

5.  Ensure that you have a stock Inspire 4G that has never been rooted before.

6.  You will need Administrative privileges on your Windows PC (XP, Vista or Windows 7), so make sure you are logged in with administrative rights.

II.  Files to Download

Advanced Ace Hack Kit (Updated 02.06.13)

III.  Rooting the Inspire 4G

1.  Extract the you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

2.  From the aahk-13012012\tools\windrivers folder, run HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe; this will install the necessary drivers for the procedure to continue smoothly.

3.  Enable USB Debugging on your device.  You can do this by heading to Settings > Applications > USB Debugging and checking the tickbox next to it.

4.  Change to ‘Charge Only’ mode on your device.  To do this, head to Settings > Connect to PC and then select the default mode as ‘Charge Only.’

5.  Connect your device to your Windows PC.

6.  Run hack-ace.cmd if you are on a Windows 7/Vista desktop or hack-ace-xph.cmd if you are on Windows XP.

7.  You should now get a DOS Window with two options:

1:  Hack Ace

2:  Donate

8.  Select Option 1 and let the Tool Kit finish its thing.  You will see your device reboot several times; do not touch it and leave it be until the whole process is complete and you get confirmation that it is done.

Your Inspire 4G should be now be rooted, have ClockworkMod Recovery installed and be ready to work with any carrier!!

Thanks go to attn1 on XDA for bringing out the Advanced Ace Hack Kit and making it easy for us to root the Inspire 4G!!  A donation (made by selecting Option 2 on the Tool Kit) will surely spur him on to keep working, so please do donate!!

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