Motoblur ICS Launcher available to install on any Android device

The Motoblur UI has taken a lot of flak for being slow, cumbersome and “downright useless” as a friend of mine succinctly put to me some time ago.  It seems that things have changed for the better, at least with the Android 4.0 version of the overlay from Moto, and if you want proof of that claim, you can try now to know for yourself.

Pulled from a Droid RAZR, the launcher is now ready to be installed on any non-Motorola device, with a caveat that you should be running ICS.  It has already been said to work on the HTC Sensation and other devices and there is also a choice of two launchers with different homescreen styles, so take your pick.

Head to the XDA thread to grab the APKs and to get some specific instructions on how to get the UI on to your Android device.


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  • james

    um it says it can be installed on any android device… in the article it says ready to be installed on any non-Motorola device i am confused