S Pen Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Want to get the most out of your new Galaxy Note? Well, then you have to learn to master the S Pen. Here are some shortcuts, tips, and tricks to utilize the S Pen to it’s full advantage.

I. S Memo Lite

If you need to take a quick note and don’t need all the features of the S Memo app at the moment, you can easily bring up the S Memo Lite version.

1. Remove the S Pen from the device’s holster.

2. Hold the Button down and tap the screen with the pen twice.

3. The S Memo Lite app will appear and the pen will automatically be set to the simple, black stroke setting.

4. Write your note and hit Save.

5. You can then access the note later by going to the S Memo regular app.

Tips for the S Memo Lite App

  • You can change from the pen, pencil, paint brush, or highlighter by tapping the pen icon at the top.
  • To undo your drawing, tap the left-facing arrow at the top.
  • To erase with a stroke instead of undoing, use the eraser icon at the top.

II. Annotation and Screen Shots

One great little trick the Galaxy Note can do, is to take screenshots on the device instantly and then be able to draw or annotate them.

1. Get to whatever screen you want to take a screenshot of.

2. Remove the S Pen from the device’s holster.

3. Hold the Button down on the S Pen and then hold the S Pen on the screen for a few seconds.

4. The screen will flash white letting you know when you have taken a screenshot.

5. After that the image editor will automatically open allowing you to annotate the image as needed.

6. Once done, hit Save.

Tips for taking Screenshots

  • You can crop the image by selecting the crop tool at the top left, circle whatever you want then hit Done to crop out just what you circled.
  • Screenshots are also automatically saved to the clipboard on the device. This means after taking a screenshot, you can Cancel or Save out of the image editor that popped up, and then simply paste the last screenshot you took into any memos, emails, or documents on the device.
  • You can use the cross of arrows button to move around the image and even pinch to zoom. Once you get to where you want in the image click the pen button again to revert to editing mode.
  • Hitting Share, automatically saves the image and allows you to then share it with any number of third party services like Facebook, Email, etc.

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  • MPK

    There are more functions for the spen. I found them by accident.
    Press the button and draw < to simulate the back button.
    Drawing ^ will simulate the menu key.
    And an | will open shortcut window.
    Circling a part of the screen will make a Screenshot of that area.