How to Root and Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G

Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G, the Android smartphone which was launched a few months back can now be rooted using the following method. After rooting your phone, you can install the famous custom recovery for Android smartphones, ClockworkMod Recovery in order to enjoy a number of great Android Custom ROMs on your phone.

I. Before You Begin:

  1. You should know that rooting your phone voids its warranty, however, you can regain it by either unrooting your phone or installing the stock ROM.
  2. This works for the Android 2.3.5 version only.

II. Downloading Required Files:

  1. Use this link to download the Odin tool.
  2. Download the Rooted Kernel from here.
  3. Download the required PIT file from here.
  4. ClockworkMod Recovery can be downloaded from here.
  5. USB Drivers for your phone, download 32bit drivers from here or 64bit from here
  6. You must have a PC running any Windows Operating System version.

III. Install Samsung Drivers:

  1. From the links given above, download the drivers that fit your OS and place it on your Desktop for easy access in the procedure.
  2. Execute the .exe file of the drivers by double-clicking it.
  3. When it is done installing the drivers for your phone, just restart your PC.

IV. Root Galaxy Blaze 4G

 [ Putting your phone into the download mode ]

  1. In order to start the process of rooting, turn OFF your smartphone using the Power key.
  2. Put your phone into the download mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume UP+Volume DOWN+Power key simultaneously.
  3. Start the Odin tool on your PC by launching the .exe file. It will look like this


    Odin Tool Main Interface

  4. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable, one of the boxes in the Odin program will turn into yellow when your phone is recognized by the PC.
  5. When it happens, you have to load the two files. Select the PDA tab and choose the Rooted Kernel (TAR) file.
  6. Select the PIT tab and choose the PIT file you downloaded from the above link.
  7. Check the box labeled as Auto Reboot and leave the rest as unchecked. Hit the Start button to commence rooting process.

Your phone will reboot when the rooting process is finished. Now, you can move to the ClockworkMod Recovery installation procedure.

V. Install ClockworkMod Recovery

  1. Turn OFF your smartphone using the Power key.
  2. Put your phone into the download mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume UP+Volume DOWN+Power key together.
  3. Run the Odin tool on your PC and connect the phone to it with the help of the USB cable.
  4. Choose the PDA option and select the ClockworkMod Recovery file for flashing.
  5. Click on the Start button to begin flashing the recovery. It will take some time for the process to finish.
  6. The phone will reboot when the process is done and now you can disconnect your phone from the PC.

Congrats! You now have rooted and installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your Blaze 4G.

If the procedure helped you in anyway, please thank/donate to the original developers over at XDA!

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  • jgnlz87

    Works Great! Thanks

  • Andre Rocha

    I do not have any experience with the rooting process and the freedom that comes with it so I would like to know if there are any restrictions to a ROM of my choosing. As I understand, there are several ROMs I can choose from that may or may not work on my android device. I have read most of the articles written on this site but some of it may have gone over my head. What ROM(s) can I use? And is there one that is recommended?

    • Dax Krishna

      Hello Andre, the only limitation you will face in flashing a chosen ROM is that it should be built specifically for the device you are flashing it on to. So be careful when you browse our ROM section and select the appropriate device and download only the ROMs listed in that section!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Once you have rooted your smartphone, you’ll be able to install any custom ROM on it which is built specifically for your particular smartphone as Dax says.

      • Andre

        Thank you again for your prompt response (I replied to myself earlier, thats why i am re-posting)

  • Andre

    In response to Mahesh and Dax: I have followed all
    the steps above but I do not know if I have successfully rooted the phone. I do
    have an app called superuser but it does not contain any applications within.
    There also does not to be any available ROMs for my device. Any help would be
    greatly appreciated.

    • Andre

      Thank you again for your prompt response.

      • Dax Krishna

        Andre, the presence of Superuser app on your phone most likely means that you are in fact rooted. But to make sure, install Root Checker Lite from Google Play (or install any app that requires root) to ensure that you are indeed rooted!

        • Andre

          I did use root checker and I am in fact rooted, thank you. Three questions: I wanted to overclock the phone, is that recommended or is there history that shows how overclocking may hinder the device? What is a reputable app for that? What app is known to be a good optimizer that allows the deletion of T-mobile bloatware? Once again Dax, thank you for all the help needed from a new user.

          • Dax Krishna

            1) Overclocking is safe as long as you know your device’s limitations!! SetCPU is a good option in this regard.
            2) There’s no “good optimizer” as such Andre but what I would recommend is using a file management app like Root Explorer or ES File Explorer which are capable of accessing/modifying system folder to go to the system/apps folder and manually delete the Tmo bloatware you don’t need. Exercise care while you do this though, as you might end up deleting the wrong apps and your phone may run into problems!

          • Andre

            It seems like I can run into problems everywhere I turn haha. How would I know which ones are delete-able?

          • Mahesh Makvana

            Here’s a link to the discussion going on about which apps are safe to delete –

  • that’s right Andre

  • Amos

    I followed the procedure. But my phone doesn´t start. I didn´t check Re-Partition or F-Time Reset. I don´t how to fix it. Please help!