How to Root HTC One V

HTC’s middle-range budget phone HTC One V is on the way to reach its customers who have been eagerly waiting for it. HTC One V has got a 1 GHz CPU that makes thing faster and feels you like you are having an expensive high end device in your hands. Well, not talking much about its specifications, phone runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version and you can root it using the following guide. Rooting allows you to expand the functionality of your phone and lets you do more things on your phone than before. Here you go.

I. Before You Begin:

  1. Once you have rooted your phone, its warranty will be voided. You shouldn’t worry about this because you can get back the warranty by either unrooting your phone or installing the stock firmware.
  2. Make sure your phone have at least 50% of battery life left. It is to avoid any interruptions during the process.

II. Downloading Required Files:

  1. You will need your HTC One V’s bootloader unlocked. You can do that here.
  2. Download the required Superboot Image from here.

III. Rooting HTC One V:

  1. Unzip files from the Superboot archive file and put them on your Desktop for easy access.
  2. Turn OFF your HTC One V smartphone.
  3. Boot up your phone into the bootloader mode. To do that, press and hold Volume DOWN key and then press the Power key.
  4. When you have entered the bootloader mode, connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.
  5. a) If you are using a Windows PC, run the install-superboot-windows.bat file by double-clicking on it.
    b) If you are running Mac OS, then open a Terminal Window at the place where you have put extracted files, it should be Desktop. Type the following commands in the Terminal:
    chmod +x

    c) If you are having Linux as your OS, then open a Terminal where the extracted files exist and type in the following commands:
    chmod +x
  6. It will take a few seconds to root your phone. When it’s done, disconnect your phone from the PC.

That’s all. You are now running a rooted HTC One V smartphone that has the ability to run the special apps developed for the rooted phones. You can say thanks to MoDaCo for this root method.

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