How to Take Screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S2 is very easy and it doesn’t even require an app. The Galaxy S2 comes with an inbuilt feature of taking screenshots so you can share your phone’s screen with others. Here’s a quick-guide explaining how you can use this inherent feature to take screenshots on your Galaxy S2.

I. Taking Screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S2:

1. Go to the folder/app of which you want the screenshot.

2. Press and hold both the Home and Power keys together.

3. You will hear a sound confirming that the screenshot has been taken now.

Here’s a screenshot that I took on my Galaxy S2 using above method.

Galaxy S2 Screenshot

The screenshots that you take using this feature are saved in the ScreenCapture folder inside your SD card. You can use these screenshots to explain something to your friend, to teach someone or just for fun !

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