Windows Phone App of the Day: Mixology

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I’m noticing a trend in my posts recently, like I’m having too much fun. Oh, well. This review is really inspired by my having to explain what “Franzia” is to head-honcho Dave Cogen yesterday. Boss, this one’s for you.

I’ve actually been using this App for iOS regularly for the last year and on my Windows Phone 7 since it launched in January, so I thought I’d share it before the weekend. Mixology for Windows Phone 7 is the ultimate source for drink recipes that can make even Franzia-drinking Frat boys look like professional bartenders. (OK-Dave is not a Frat boy.) With over 4,000 superior quality recipes, Mixology will keep even the experienced drinkers entertained for the long haul.


  • Free trial!
  • Over 4,000 drink recipes
  • Well designed, sleek, user friendly interface
  • “Browse By Ingredient” feature allows searches for single or multiple ingredients
  • “Browse By Category” lets you browse for drinks such as “martinis,” “daiquiris,” “cocktails,” etc.
  • Provides exact measurements
  • “Liquor Cabinet” feature allows you to add ingredients you already have at home and see what drinks can be made
  • The “Bartending Guide” teaches tricks of the trade
  • Rate drink recipes with 1 to 5 stars and view the average ratings for each drink from users across all platforms
  • List of top rated drinks refreshed every thirty minutes
  • Find a random drink recipe, and let Mixology decide your fate
  • Add your own drink recipe
  • Find a liquor store or bar close by and get directions using Bing maps


  • Full version is $0.99 (But who can really put a price on a good time?)
  • Occasionally self-quits

How It Works

  • Download Mixology from the Lifestyle / Food + Dining category of your Marketplace
  • Open Mixology from your App list
  • From your home screen, select “Browse All Drinks” to view all 4,000 + recipes alphabetically
  • Select “Browse By Category” from your home screen to select from the 10 pre-loaded categories, including: Cocktails, Hot Drinks, Jello Shots (yeah?!), Non-Alcoholic, Shooters, and more; Drinks are then listed automatically
  • Additional options on the Home Screen include: “Browse by Ingredient (s),” “Top Rated Drinks,” “Favorites,” “Custom Drinks,” “Find Liquor Stores & Bars,” and “Extras”
  • Select your drink of choice to view the recipe, average user rating, and an image
  • Select the “Share” buttons at the bottom of your screen to share the recipe by Email, SMS, or on your social networks


I have a lot of fun using this App–enough that I downloaded the paid version on both of my cell phones. While it occasionally self-quits, especially when you are not connected to WiFi, the UI is attractive, straightforward, and extremely user-friendly. For anyone that loves to entertain, throw theme parties, or enjoys a seriously good cocktail, I’d definitely recommend this App. Different versions of the most popular drinks are also available, which is a great way for even experienced bartenders to learn some new tricks. As a former bartender, I give this App two thumbs way up.

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