Android App of the Day: Alarm Clock Plus

I’ll admit it, I’m not a morning person and sadly this has only gotten worse with age. I’m the girl with three alarm clocks strategically placed in various areas of the bedroom. This worked for a short period of time until I just learned to sleep through the three different alarms. This is fine until you actually need to wake up to go to, oh I don’t know, work! After getting a few pointed looks from my boss I knew it was time to find a better alarm clock system. Thankfully, I discovered the Alarm Clock Plus app for Android. This alarm clock is free and full of robust features. I now have to solve a math equation to turn off my alarm, which is enough to pull me out of the sleep fog and out of bed. Success!


  • Free
  • Unlimited alarms
  • Alarm clock while muted
  • Auto snooze alarm clock
  • Auto dismiss alarm clock
  • Nap alarm
  • Math alarm clock (require math problem to be solved to dismiss or snooze alarm clock)
  • Music alarm clock
  • Playlist alarm clock
  • App alarm clock
  • Alarm clock fade-in
  • Flashlight for alarm clock
  • One time skip for repeating alarms
  • Shake to snooze or dismiss alarm clock
  • Change snooze time after alarm clock snoozed
  • Set alarm and nap alarm defaults
  • Alarm clock speaks time and weather
  • Most settings are independent for each individual alarm
  • Alarm clock volume independent of system
  • Backup alarms and alarm clock configuration to  SD card
  • Extremely simple to navigate
  • Fully configurable desk clock display, or disable desk clock portion entirely, leaving a simple alarm clock.
  • Run Alarm Clock Plus or any app upon plug-in
  • Transparent clock widgets, multiple clock sizes, and nap alarm widgets


  • Ad supported
  • Math alarm and settings are not part of free version
  • Battery drain varies by device

How it works:

  • Download the app
  • Tap the + sign to add an alarm
  • Set time
  • Set repeat options
  • Set label for alarm
  • Choose alarm type, choose from ringtone, gentle ringtone, audio/music, launch app, launch app (gentle)
  • Choose vibrate option
  • Choose alarm in silent mode (play alarm even when phone is silent)
  • Choose independent volume (ignore system alarm volume)
  • Select custom snooze settings
  • Test alarm
  • Tap done when completed


I’ve been using the Alarm Clock Plus app for a while now and couldn’t be happier with its robust feature list and reliability. I have custom alarms set for everything from my morning wake up to my weekend power naps. The only thing this app doesn’t do is hand me a cup of coffee in the morning. Other than that, Alarm Clock Plus gets five stars in my book.

Alarm Clock Plus is available for free in the Google Play Store. Android requirements vary with device. Play Link

This is part of our Android App of the Day series. We take our favorite app for Android for each day and post it here for you to check out. Feel free to check out all of our App of the Day posts here.

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  • jraju

    auto snooze after how many minutes, say if i choose a song, will the alarm trim it to some seconds. What is the default time of alarm ringing time. That should be the first thing. If you delete an alarm all the settings are cleared with any set default settings. Otherwise, i also like this app. But i do not know , how to auto snooze it, it has got so much menu that confuses you.