Apple Requests Early Ban on Samsung Galaxy S III, Cites Patent Infringement

Here we go again. Another installment in the never-ending patent litigation feud between Apple and Samsung. This time it’s Apple that has requested an early ban on all Samsung Galaxy S III handsets.

The Cupertino based tech giant believes that the technology found in the Galaxy S III violates at least two patents.The first complaint covers a data tapping patent and the second covers a unified search patent that Siri utilizes. It’s no shock that Apple wouldn’t be too happy to see Samsung market a Siri-similar voice interface called S-Voice.

A court hearing is now slated for June 7th, as Apple sees the nine million Galaxy S III pre-orders as a huge potential to hurt what they deem as their patented technology. As far as Samsung’s version of events go, the company has stated that the injunction won’t hurt the upcoming US launches in the slightest. As so many US consumers are dying to get their hands on the hot Galaxy S III, let’s just hope that the court sides in Samsung’s favor on this one.

Who saw this one coming? Anyone? Let us know your views on the Apple vs. Samsung patent war in the comments below.


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