How to Root and Install Custom Recovery on HTC Explorer

If you are one of those users who wish to root their HTC Explorer to get access to a whole new world of Root Apps and custom ROMs, then here’s something useful for you. Following is the guide explaining how you can root your HTC Explorer phone as well as how you can flash a custom recovery on it. Follow each step carefully and you will be on the way to get a richer experience on your phone.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have unlocked bootloader of your phone. You can do so by visiting the HTC website.

2. You must have HTC Sync installed on your PC. You can get it from here.

3. Make sure your phone has at least 60% of battery life left so it can last through the entire process.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the Recovery Image from here.

2. Download the Superuser ZIP file from here.

III. Installing Custom Recovery on HTC Explorer:

1. Download and place all the files listed above onto your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the Recovery Image archive to your Desktop.

3. Turn OFF your smartphone.

4. Reboot your phone into the bootloader mode by pressing and holding Volume DOWN+Power buttons simultaneously.

5. Choose fastboot option from the bootloader menu.

6. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.

7. Double-click the recovery.bat file to commence the flashing process.

8. When the custom recovery has successfully been installed on your phone, disconnect it from the PC.

9. Reboot your phone.

The custom recovery has now successfully been flashed on your phone. Now, head on to the following procedure to root your phone.

IV. Rooting HTC Explorer smartphone:

1. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.

2. Copy the Superuser ZIP archive to your phone’s SD card storage root folder. It is the topmost folder.

3. Disconnect your phone from the PC after the file transfer has been completed.

4. Reboot your phone into the bootloader mode. Press and hold Volume DOWN+Power buttons together and you will enter bootloader mode.

5. Choose Recovery option from the bootloader mode.

6. From the recovery menu, choose install .zip from sd and then select the Superuser ZIP file.

7. After it has finished installing the file, reboot your phone.

Congratulations ! You have done installing custom recovery on your phone and rooting it. From now on, you can enjoy the root-only apps on your HTC Explorer.

If this procedure helped you, then please head to the official thread over at XDA Forum to thank/donate to the original developer of this root and recovery method !

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  • prabhat

    Thank you sir,
    I read it on xda dev site but i got stuck in mid way..and found the solution in your post. 🙂

    mistake was, the part of connecting fone with pc and disconnecting.


    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome 🙂

      • sultan arshad

        Thanks brother for giving such kind if info.
        Bro will u please tell me the ( disadvantages) of rooted Android phone ??

        • Mahesh Makvana

          Well, there are mostly two disadvantages of rooting a phone. They are:
          (1) Voiding Warranty – Once you have rooted your phone, you have lost the warranty
          (2) Bricking – If the rooting procedure doesn’t go well, you may brick your device.

          If you follow the procedures carefully, then I am sure you can avoid bricking your device. Bricking usually happens in rare case.

  • Jon

    Best of all the site for this device.

  • Dear, thanks for the clean tutorial but i am having a problem in the last section i had copy the in my sd card then select to choose .zip from sd card its start installing and then shows installation abort need help please reply soon.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Just wipe the data on your phone, it should work.

  • Satvik

    When we connect phone to the pc in Part 3 step 6, which mode do i use charge only or sync mode or any other.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      In Part-3, Step-6, you should be inside the bootloader mode as the Step-4 asks you to reboot your phone into the bootloader.

  • Deepp

    Can you plz tell me the pro’s & Con’s that may occur after ROOTING the hTC explorer A310e?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      After rooting, you can install root-only apps as well as you can modify the system files. The latter one is useful for developers.
      You will lose your phone’s warranty if you root it.

      Thanks !

      • To add to what Mahesh said, you will lose your phone’s warranty if you root it, BUT if you unroot it then you’ll reinstate your warranty!
        Also, rooting isn’t just for developers, you can install overclocking programs, new ROMs, etc and truly make your device your own once you have root access.

  • sir if I double click the recovery.bat is it will automatically complete the flashing programs? I am having doubts ly in this step

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Yes, the batch file will automatically issue the required commands to flash recovery on your smartphone.

  • arjun

    Your root guide is most welcoming than the xda …thank you.. I can you guide me to install a custom Rom… ?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You can flash custom ROMs using the custom recovery. Just download the ROM file to your phone, boot up into the custom recovery and flash the ROM from there.

      Thanks !

  • Heyy, As everybody said ur guide is probably the more helpful than the XDA one.
    The only thing I want to ask if I’ll still be able to use the apps that are intended for the unrooted device after rooting? I mean after rooting I will be able to use the apps that are intended for the roted devices but does dat mean I will no longer be able to install the apps like skype that I hv been using on my device? And after rooting, am I forced to install custom ROMs? can’t I just stick with the original one that I m using currently?
    and is there any way to unroot your HTC Explorer?
    I know these are alot of questions but I’ll be more than grateful if you’d answer to all of my questions.
    and lastly one humble request, if possible plz upload a video of actually how to root explorer.
    Hope ta see ya writing soon. 🙂

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Glad that you found the guide to be useful 🙂
      Following are the answers to your questions.
      (1) After rooting your device, you’ll be able to install the apps which are intended for unrooted devices. Rooting your device doesn’t mean that you can’t install the apps designed for Unrooted devices. You’ll be able to enjoy both Root as well as Unroot apps on your device after rooting it. And yes, you will certainly be able to use Skype on your device.

      (2) It’s up to you whether you want to install custom ROM on your device or not after rooting it. If you wish, you can install your favorite custom ROM and if you don’t, then you won’t be forced to do so. You can stick to your current ROM with root access without any problem.

      (3) Yes, there’s a way to unroot your HTC Explorer.

      (4) We’ve posted root procedures for almost all the Android devices out there. Creating video for each of them isn’t possible, sorry.

      I hope my answers has satisfied you.

      Thank you !

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Here’s how you can unroot your HTC Explorer smartphone:

  • and yeah one more thing, I hv read some comments from users on XDA saying after rooting W-Fi doesnt work…is there any truth in dat?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      We haven’t heard any issues from the users who have rooted their HTC Explorer smartphone.

      Follow the procedure carefully and you won’t have any problem.

      Thanks !

  • denis

    can we boot lock it again

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Yes, you can lock your bootloader after you’ve rooted your phone.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You can get more information about locking/unlocking bootloaders from the official HTC website.

      • deepak

        how to unlock bootloader.m nt able to pass step 8 where it says to type fastboot oem get_identifier_token.i had installed all the necessary files nd had made folder named system identifies that but when i type as give in step 8 it says fastboot not recognised as internal or external command?what m i doing wrong?

      • Nishant

        sir when i select recovery in the bootloader mode, it only displays the white screen with the ‘HTC’ logo
        and then it hangs. I have also tried the which was not corrupt but having the same problem. plzz help

  • Raja

    thanks a lot finally i rooted my HTC explorer.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s great. You can now install all the root-only apps available out there.

    • deepak

      how u unlocked bootloader?m nt able to pass step 8 where it asks to type fastboot oem get_identifier_token

  • tyagi

    thanks for the post…
    but are there any wifi issues..coz i use wifi a lot
    and have read about this and all have reported some issues in wifi..

    • Mahesh Makvana

      I don’t think rooting causes any WiFi issues. It just installs some required files to access system files, such as BuxyBox and Superuser. Let us know the link where the discussion about WiFi issue is going on and we’ll have a look over it.

      Thanks !

    • sultan arshad

      i root my htc explorer using this forum after root wifi does not worl for a while but i reboot my phone and the problem is solve

  • sammy

    thanks i root my htc explorer phone too finally after trying for 2 times….

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s great !

  • sammy

    but could you please tell me how to reset htc explorer to the very factory firmware, because when i reset it come in two language option i.e english(china) and chinese, i want english(india) language plus the apps in the factory firmware. please help….

    • Mahesh Makvana

      In order to get your phone back to factory firmware, you’ll need to install the HTC Explorer Stock ROM on your smartphone.

      We’ll try if we could do a guide on it, so you can do it without any hassles of finding simple steps and files.

  • nithin

    thanks alot
    i rooted 😀

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s awesome, now try out some root-only apps available in the Google Play.

    • deepak

      can u tell me how u unlocked bootloader coz i couldn’t pass step 8

  • Reynbow6

    Hi I am noob, i just got my htc explorer yesterday but i managed to root it…..great tutorial mate…
    thank you very much!!!
    no problem at all..

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s cool ! We’re glad that we helped you 🙂

  • ayush

    Is it safe coz i am a newbie so scared of bricking my phone

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Well, none of the rooting process is 100% safe. But if you follow all the steps carefully, you’ll have a rooted (non-bricked) device at the end.

  • ayush

    Can superoneclick root my htc explorer

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Well, we haven’t tried rooting HTC Explorer using SuperOneClick. The root method given above works for sure to root the HTC Explorer.

  • ayush

    Plz help me to unlock bootloader can u explain the steps and the files to be download…

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Please visit the HTC Website to know how you can unlock the bootloader of your device. They’ve got some good guides there which you can follow. If you’re stuck somewhere, just post your question here and we’ll try our best to answer you.

  • Rodrigo

    This works with HTC EXPLORER European (Vodafone Portugal) ???

    • Mahesh Makvana

      It works with the International variant only.

  • ayush

    thanks man rooted my htc explorer on my first try…
    its the easiest way to root htc explorer….hats off to u man!!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re welcome Ayush, Keep coming back for more tutorials.

  • Himanshu

    hi, my htc sync is not working, even the previous versions aswell as new, can i still root my htc explorer, do i really need htc sync to root my device?? please help me, i really wanna root it, im getting mad bcuz of some apps that i cant move or delete…:(

    • Mahesh Makvana

      HTC Sync is required to be installed on your PC as it installs the drivers for your phone. If you don’t have it on your PC, your PC won’t be able to recognize your smartphone.

      • Himanshu

        i just rooted successfully without htc sync, sync software dosn’t detects my phone but phone seemed to have received all commands properly with fast boot usb…xD

  • sultan

    hi sir i stuck in step IV rooting htc ex……..) step 2 . where you can say to copy the super user zip archiv to the root folder top in the mass storage but i cant see the root folder is it ?? a android_scure.. folder ??? plzzz help

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Well, “root” isn’t a name of any folder, it is the memory space which you see just after you open the File Manager on your phone.

      • sultan arshad

        sir i stuk in this step after some search on google.. after that i found. sir i can ask you one thing that will you please change the step IV>2 ” place the super user zip file in sd card somewhere ” and note that donot place the super user zip in any folder made in sd card . and donot extract it

        this is easy to learn ok bro this is my good suggestion for this and thank you

  • sultan arshad

    thank you sooo much i rooted my phone in first try thank you again love this site

    • Thanks! Happy to help!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re welcome Sultan, we’re glad that you successfully rooted your phone.

  • Haris Muhammad

    I have successfully unlock my phone now i am going to root my device.

  • Haris Muhammad

    yahoooooooooooooo i have successfully rooted my phone. thanks for the wonderful guide.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Cheers 🙂 We’re very happy that you successfully rooted your phone using our guide.

  • ayush

    can u make a tutorial for installing jaggy rom/abl senseless rom on htc explorer and a tutorial for rooting samsung galaxy pocket my friend has one thanks in advance

  • sultan arshad

    sir as i told you i root my htc explorer now what can i do for more entertainment please tell me how can i install a custom room on my device and what did this custom room do on istalling please tell me thanks ???

    • Mahesh Makvana

      After rooting your smartphone, you can head over to Google Play Store where you will find root-only apps for your smartphone. These apps usually bring much better features than other apps.

      You can also install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are the ones which replace your stock ROM, providing you a completely new experience.

      • sultan arshad

        Thanks for info bro., but. How I install a custom room ??

  • Yashas

    Is there a way to root my htc without pc? B’cause i don’t have a pc!!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Well, currently, there’s no way to root your smartphone without a PC. If you don’t have a PC, ask your friend who has a PC to help you with rooting your phone.

  • Sami

    i have 1 question if i root my htc explorer my wifi wont work is that ri8?.

  • Sami

    Hello Sir I have 1 question if i root my Phone my wifi wont work?. Answer me plss

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You won’t face any issues with your WiFi after rooting your smartphone. Rooting doesn’t have anything to do with WiFi, it is just a process to gain access to system files on your smartphone.

  • No

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • julbul

    Works perfectly fine, thanks !

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome julbul !

  • harie

    yeah… wifi error, and when i want to factory reset, my htc explorer game over…!!!

  • Md Azaj

    how to unloking your mobile htc explore.And but forget google account.
    Please sujesst me

    • muraari4u

      why the blody people all of you asking like that shit like questions?
      these are all shameless talkings.
      dont u have memory,
      if any people have forgetness of technologies then get lost of this technical world

  • daja


    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome daja !

  • Neil

    Can u tell me what are the risks in this rooting process? Will my phone become totally useless if the root fails?

    • Dax Krishna

      there won’t be any “risks” as such Neil but as long as you stick to the steps listed above, you should be golden!

    • muraari4u

      follow the procedure correct,correct, and correct…….then ur mobile will be fine

  • kunal

    Wat will happen if i fail . Will i be able to try again , if yes how many times

    • Dax Krishna

      yeah kunal, you can try again if you fail!

  • Nilaksh Das

    Will rooting my HTC Explorer delete all my private data and apps?

    • muraari4u


  • Baig

    Dear, I am trying HTC Explorer smartphone’s 4 step. But I have 3 options given. 1. power off, 2. Airplane mode, 3. Restart. How can I run bootloader? Please guide me as I am not an expert.

  • VSN

    Great. Crystal clear instructions. Worked out for me! Successfully got rid off from all unwanted pre-installed apps by rooting and installing “link2sd” app.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      We’re glad that we could help you out !

  • TS276

    by unlocking the Bootloader it says , “unlocking the bootloader will delete all personal data from your device including applications, text messages and personalized settings” …. what to do ???

    • Backup all the important data on your device and then let them wiped off of your device !

  • rachit

    nt gettng the means of token in unlockbootloader plz help me out

  • yasir

    i accedentaly unlocked wrong bootloader how do i lock it back..plz help

  • Rushi

    aaahhaa i had successfully rooted my htc explorer finally …wifi works man …thankx to your tutorial…..smmmoootthhh…..and esay ….everyone should try….thankx once again …..

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s great Rushi !

      We’re glad we could help you, thanks for leaving your valuable feedback.

  • shubham kumar

    after rooting will hd games will work on my explorer.earlier it used to show me device not capable.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Rooting your device doesn’t make it capable to run the HD Games. You need a good CPU as well as GPU in order to play those resource-intensive games.

      Rooting just allows you to run root-only apps.


      • shubham kumar

        but sir some website offer gpu that can be installed after rooting.will it work as I have seen on YouTube that many hd game are playable

        • Mahesh Makvana

          GPU is a piece of hardware that can’t be installed as you would an app. Maybe those YouTube video creators are using some kind of Game Optimizers, that reduce the game effects and quality and let you play the games. You won’t have good experience though, as they just make the game playable.

          If you wish, you can give them a shot!

      • amit

        Unfortunatly removed play store. how can i restore it?

  • Amar

    I have successfully unlocked the bootloader. Successfully installed the custom recovery.
    But when i try to install the in bootloader mode and then select recovery the screen turns white with “HTC” written on it an then hangs…. please help.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Make sure that the file you downloaded isn’t corrupt. Sometimes, due to connectivity problems, the file gets downloaded as “corrupt” but your PC should show it as “Download successful”.

      Hope it helps you!

  • hi sir i have one qustion for you , i rooted my htc ex…. last 3 monts ago, using this site. now i am going to istall a custom rom ( jaggy rom 3 ) the developers says that you need recovery by yannou90 to install this rom. what its means ???

  • faraz

    thanx a million man… worked like a charm….

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Glad we could help you!

      Thanks faraz for stopping by and leaving us a comment !

  • i have download the source code for htc explorer from htcdev site can u tell me how to convert it to flashable rom zip

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Well, we don’t usually provide guides on Android Development. You should better try out forums like XDA, you’ll get support for your development as well as any other things you may need.

      Thanks Vikash!

  • Kabeer


  • I want Help..
    After Rooting My HTC Explorer..when i make Factory Reset in doesn’t work..
    How to Recover From It..??
    plz reply soon..

  • Soul

    I’m very sorry, i been reading all the comments and i have an issue: i can’t extract the files from the recovery image. I used the following software: power iso, magic iso and I always get the same “incompatibility format” error. Help, please

    • I’d recommend you to use WinRAR to extract files. It supports almost all the compressed file formats.

      Hope it helps!

  • aniruddha

    As i root my device.. the original pre-installed os gingerbread will be gone ??

  • Manimaran

    As per your rooting instructions i have unlocked the bootloader and i rooted my phone but its gets stucks in HTC green with white screen after that its going to bootloader mode..i think some files corrupt in my mobile..plz help me sir that how to rectify my problem..

  • dillibabu

    sir, in htc explorer model there is any chance to change the android 2.3 gingerbird to android 4 version ice cream.
    if available means tell me the procedure and its supporting file

  • Rangiin

    i just rooted my phone and right after that i factory reset it. and its not starting againg. please help!!!

  • Rihanzzz

    how to root htc explorer a310b ?…

  • krishna

    does htc explorer supports ICS 4.0… plz help me with this..

  • Tanmay

    I have root my HTC explorer and install custom Rom and it works very well for 2days but after 2days when I switched off my phone n again try to start it not get start just starting process displayed on screen…..
    then to start my device I had to recovery option then Advanced …….
    Then start my mob. Plz give me some solution plz plz

  • jagrut

    i hav unlocked the bootloader from htcdev site but im not able to install as the recovery option in the bootloader menu shows error symbol

  • AnkitRJ

    Help help….help

    I’m in trouble.

    I’ve rooted my HTC explorer 2 days ago following this method bt after 2 days now it’s not working properly !!!

    When I’m opening Titanium backup…it freezes on “asking for root rights”

    When I’m opening Link2sd…it says “Link2sd has not yet managed to obtain root access”

    When I’m opening Root checker app…it says “please wait for root checker to complete. System appears to be running very slow”.

    I’ve updated superuser.

    Nd now uninstalled updates after this problem. Bt nothing happening.

    I’ve also uninstalled almost all additional apps now.

    Still 60 MB internal mem free.

    Shall i go gor FACTORY RESET ?

    Phone worked perfectly for 2 days, bt now got problems…

    Help me !!!

  • androidworldblog

    thank you so much..successfully rooted my phone without wipind the data

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment!

  • Shourjya

    Worked like a charm …

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Hi Shourjya,

      Thanks for posting your feedback. We’re glad we could help you root your device.

      Keep coming back for more!

  • chauhan jay

    thanku so mucccccccccccccccch thanks a lot

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome jay!

  • chaitanya

    Thanks a lot for the useful information. It is really amazing. I feel like using new version of HTC Explorer now after rooting to sd card. Thank you once again. Cheers..!!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s awesome chaitanya!

      We’re really happy that you successfully rooted your device using our procedure. Yep, rooting is no less than a surprise, it can do wonders if you use it properly.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment!

  • venu

    after doing root access i am doing factory reset my phone not work, starting problwem
    plz dont unlock it is damage your phone

  • pawan soni

    hye my htc explorer rooted hai but not switch on bootloader mode

  • Dipesh Bhalekar

    i had unlock my boot loader…its show unlocked in pink colour right above in recovery mode now in recovery mose in recovery option i had not got the “install zip from sd” option…there is some error and red colour traingle appear after pressing recovery option…..please help…

  • John

    I just rooted my phone
    Now my phone isnt turning on..
    The red light of proximity sensor gets turned for few seconds then get turned off
    Please advse what to do!

  • Nitish

    Hey, I did the bootloader unlocking process till the end but all i get in the command prompt after typing

    fastboot oem get_identifier_token

    its jst saying ” waiting for device “.. over that when connected to laptop ‘device not recognized’ line is popping up, while in on state the htc sync is able to find the mob!!

  • Rahul Balaji

    I don’t understand I did everything correct. but when I go into recovery in the bootloader menu it just starts booting and is struck in the htc logo stage!! some one please help me 🙂

  • Amit Gupta

    i am not able to install the file pls help

  • Digital Cordoba

    How much time does the reboot take? Bacause it freezes me at HTC logo and nothing happens…

  • Nishant

    sir when i select recovery in the bootloader mode, it only displays the white screen with the ‘HTC’ logo
    and then it hangs. I have also tried the which was not corrupt but having the same problem. plzz help

  • birendra

    CAN ANYONE MAIL ME HTC SYNC SOFTWARE. PLS MAIL zipped file at will be thankful for this

  • Kushal

    Hey, I did the bootloader unlocking process till the end but all i get in the command prompt after typing
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    its jst saying ” waiting for device “.. over that when connected to laptop ‘device not recognized’ line is popping up, while in on state the htc sync is able to find the mob!!

  • kishore

    i done all these procedure for rooting but after installing my phone. its hanging on HTC logo. Pl help me

  • vishnu

    worked like a charmm…Thank you so muchhh…

  • dead link for htc sense.