How to Root AT&T Sony Xperia Ion Smartphone

If you have been waiting for the developers to gain root access on AT&T Sony Xperia Ion, then your wait is over now. The developers over at XDA have gotten the root access on the said smartphone and you can too get it by following the steps described below. Just follow each step carefully and at the end, you will have a rooted smartphone.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have unlocked bootloader of your smartphone. You can do so from here.

2. Rooting your phone will void its warranty. However, you can install stock firmware or unroot your phone to get back the warranty.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the Insecure Kernel from here. (Download the one which is appropriate for your device)

2. Download the Rooting Package from here. (Download link is there in the first post)

3. Download the Fastboot package from here.

III. Rooting AT&T Sony Xperia Ion Smartphone:

1. Download and place all the files onto your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the Fastboot package to your Desktop.

3. Turn OFF your smartphone using the Power button.

4. Reboot your phone into the Fastboot mode. To do so, press and hold Volume UP+Power buttons simultaneously.

5. When your phone enters Fastboot mode, connect it to your PC.

6. Open a Command Prompt window on the Desktop of your PC and type in the following commands:

fastboot flash boot filename.elf (replace filename with the file you downloaded)

7. After it has finished installing Insecure Kernel, disconnect your phone from the PC.

8. Reboot your smartphone.

9. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone by heading to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB debugging, tick-mark the box.

10. Extract files from the Rooting Package to your Desktop,

11. Double-click the batch file (.bat) to start rooting your phone.

12. Once the rooting process has completed, go to Google Play and download Superuser as well as BusyBox apps.

Great job, you have successfully rooted your AT&T Sony Xperia Ion smartphone. Now, head on to the Google Play to download the root-only apps which weren’t working on your phone before.

If this procedure helped you, then please head to the official thread over at XDA Forum to thank/donate to the original developer of this root method !

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  • Anonymous

    Yo, bro get your shit right.
    As of 07/26/12 you CAN’T root your ATT device or LT28at(whatever you want to call it) because ATT does not allow a bootloader unlock from the way stated in the site above.
    You can however unlock and root your LT28i(international firmware) by using the site given above
    Thank You
    Expect Us

  • tribalartgod

    This information is not accurate. The ONLY version of this phone that has successfully been rooted so far, is the International version. The LT28i, not the AT&T version LT28at. – tribalartgod

  • tito

    please help..i just did this method with my LT28h but then my phone went crash.after i finished install the insecure kernel, i unplugged my phone from the pc then i turn on my phone.the phone shows up the sony icon but then its starts to fade out then it starts to went on and off shows the sony icon until i pressed volume up+power button for more then 5 s where the phone completely shuts down and never turn back i’m stuck with the phone that wont turn on and i cant even connect my phone to the pc for the pc to recognize it.i’m completely stuck and desperate..please helllp…

  • kiro

    help…i cant turn on my phone after i did step phone is its freeze and i cant even turn on the phone even i push the reset button volume up+power button..i need help and i’m desperate

  • dan mora

    Jaja que pelotudo mejor use el pc companion