How to Root the Huawei Ascend II running Android 2.3.6

While root solutions were working for previous Android versions on the Ascend II, the recent update to 2.3.6, although welcome, broke root for many users that were already rooted.  This guide below will help you remedy just that!

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up your data; although this isn’t strictly needed, do it anyway just in case anything goes awry.

2.  This procedure should work with both the Straight Talk and US Cellular versions of the same device.

II.  Necessary Downloads


2.  Recovery [ClockworkMod Recovery]


III.  Rooting the Ascend II

1.  Extract and double-click on Setup.exe from the extracted folder to install the necessary drivers.

2.  Connect your device and copy you download above to your SD card.

3.  Turn off your phone and boot it into fastboot mode.  To do this, press and hold Volume Down and Power until it goes into fastboot mode.

4.  Connect your device to your PC now in fastboot mode and let it install the necessary drivers if any.

5.  Extract Recovery to a folder on your desktop.

4.  From the extracted folder, run the files in the following order

  • adb
  • fastboot
  • Recovery.bat

Your device should now reboot into CWM Recovery

5.  Use the Volume keys to navigate and select Mounts and Storage with the Power button.

6.  Select Mount System.

7.  Go back to the main menu by selecting Back and then select Install zip from SD card.

8.  Select Choose zip from SD Card.

9.  Locate and select with the Power button to flash it.

10.  Once flashed, go back to previous menu by selecting Back and then reboot the device.

Your Ascend II should now be rooted!!

All credit goes to jonhaney for creating the root file and for modifying CWM to suit the Ascend II!  If you think he deserves a thank you, head to his thread here and do so!

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

  • Jena Clark

    I need help restoreing my phone I accidently deleted process

  • Nao Winchester

    I’ve been trying to root my tmobile prism 2.3.6 U8651V…. So many useless apps on this phone >_<
    & it's been complicated trying to find a useful way to root it. 🙁
    Will this work using my Mac or do I have to use a PC?

    • Dax Krishna

      I am not sure if this procedure works on the T-Mobile Prism as it seems to be a different device Nao, we’ll look at putting out a how-to for that device, keep coming back and you should find it here if there is a way to root your device!

      • Nao Winchester

        Hopefully you can & Thank you:)
        I will keep checking for that.

  • Chris

    I make it to the step where I have to run adb, fastboot, and recovery.bat. On recovery it cant find the device and I noticed in fastboot mode the pc no longer recognizes my phone. Any suggestions?

  • Bob

    my phone goes straight into charging mode instead of CWM recovery, how do I disable usb charging?

  • Kaila

    I might sound ridiculous, but what does “rooting” your phone mean?? What does it do?

  • Paul Kempik Jr

    Will it work on cricket phones with 2.3.6?

  • chikanito75

    I followed all instructions, no problems at all. Is there a way to prevent the CWM recovery menu from displaying while charging the phone?

  • blakkGURU

    Process gets stuck at erasing ‘recovery’

  • Pavan

    Sir, Can we root Huawei Ascend Y100 U8185 can u pls reply me as soon as posible. Thank You

  • espi

    broken mediafire links