How to Root the Huawei Ascend II running Android 2.3.6

While root solutions were working for previous Android versions on the Ascend II, the recent update to 2.3.6, although welcome, broke root for many users that were already rooted.  This guide below will help you remedy just that!

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up your data; although this isn’t strictly needed, do it anyway just in case anything goes awry.

2.  This procedure should work with both the Straight Talk and US Cellular versions of the same device.

II.  Necessary Downloads


2.  Recovery [ClockworkMod Recovery]


III.  Rooting the Ascend II

1.  Extract and double-click on Setup.exe from the extracted folder to install the necessary drivers.

2.  Connect your device and copy you download above to your SD card.

3.  Turn off your phone and boot it into fastboot mode.  To do this, press and hold Volume Down and Power until it goes into fastboot mode.

4.  Connect your device to your PC now in fastboot mode and let it install the necessary drivers if any.

5.  Extract Recovery to a folder on your desktop.

4.  From the extracted folder, run the files in the following order

  • adb
  • fastboot
  • Recovery.bat

Your device should now reboot into CWM Recovery

5.  Use the Volume keys to navigate and select Mounts and Storage with the Power button.

6.  Select Mount System.

7.  Go back to the main menu by selecting Back and then select Install zip from SD card.

8.  Select Choose zip from SD Card.

9.  Locate and select with the Power button to flash it.

10.  Once flashed, go back to previous menu by selecting Back and then reboot the device.

Your Ascend II should now be rooted!!

All credit goes to jonhaney for creating the root file and for modifying CWM to suit the Ascend II!  If you think he deserves a thank you, head to his thread here and do so!

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

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  • Kelly pierce

    This is not rooting the phone, i have tried this method three times, i need help!

    • Dax Krishna

      what is the problem you are facing Kelly?

      • Salvador

        Im trying to root my phone but when I open the Recovery.bat the cellphone just restarts in normal mode like if nothing happened

  • trickle187

    yes it is. just use the up key and power instead of down key n power. after then plug your phone in and follow the rest of the directions

  • Paul Julian Gould

    I am on an Ascend 2 running Straight Talk’s 2.3.6 flavor. The issue I’ve been having is a signature verification error. Apparently, Cricket’s recovery mode gives the ability to turn off the verification, and that option is not available on a ST phone… going to try your methods here once again…

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Sure! Let us know how it goes for you!!

  • Paul Julian Gould

    And ST apparently removed whatever software “hooks” are there for FastBoot…. dunno what they decided to do with 2.3.6, but it’s become like pulling teeth to do this, y’know?

  • Paul Julian Gould

    Hmm…no, that didn’t work..sorry someone found it necessary to vote down… just looking for some help here, too…

    • Dax Krishna

      what is the problem you are facing exactly, Paul?

      • Paul Julian Gould

        All of the tools included on this blog, and all of the other ones on other blogs, when updating from sd card in recovery receive a “signature verification error” From my travels around the web, it seems that Cricket and USCC firmwares have a recovery menu option to turn off said verification… not so in Straight Talk’s 2.3.6 fw… none of the SuperOneClick exploits work, as it also seems that the ability to enter fastboot has been disabled… Old dbase and Delphi coder who thinks as it’s easier to comment-out existing code that attempt to delete whole subroutines, I would imagine the code is there, just dormant.

        • bigkaoz

          try updating usb drivers in computer dont get drivers from the link here, may not work do it in your comp!

          • bigkaoz

            from windows

  • brian

    Can someone let me know when the kinks are worked out and how ya did it? bought my straight talk ascend 2 this weekend, looking to root, but only have pc access some of the time, so I cant spend a lot of time trying to work it out if I run into trouble. used to rooting since early eris, also vzw tbolt, now i want to tackle this one… plus the phone is slow as hell, hoping a custom rom will tighten it up…

    • Dax Krishna

      Brian, there are currently no “kinks” with this procedure. If you do run into problems, get back to us here and we’ll try to sort it out!

      • Bob

        Running 2.3.6 on Ascend 2 for striaghttalk and it wont go into fastboot using the VOL- + Power button. just keeps rebooting normally. Downloaded all three files but really can’t get started…..

    • Jena Clark

      yea download poot.apk and it will also run supersu.apk
      run after installing it took me forever too

  • Zack

    This is confusing…
    How do I boot into fastboot??
    All I know is how to boot into recovery mode… >.>

    • Dax Krishna

      Zack, you need to run the files you extracted in the exact same order you see in the guide above!

    • David

      I did the same thing the first time around… Check out step the Carefully.

    • alfred

      fastboot is recovery mode… volume up + power buttons

      • joss

        fastboot and recovery mode are different things with different purposes.
        I think the question was about getting it in fastboot mode. In fastboot mode it is possible to flash or simply boot the device into the recovery image without needing to already be root.

  • Joshua

    I cant seem to get my phone into the fastboot mode.. it just sits there, nothing happens, like its frozen

  • Paul Julian Gould

    Was wondering if anyone has gotten hold of a copy of the 2.3.6 Straight Talk firmware? I know someone that would be willing to take a look at it… it seems that all the neat stuff to at least root the beast (signature verification check for updates installed from the SD) can be enabled, even if we poor red-headed stepchildren using Straight Talk don’t visibly have that option in Recovery… also, the Service Mode menu is rather interesting, although I’m not quite knowledgeable enough to know what I’m looking at… someone had suggested a log setting in there that seemed to allow rooting… tried a few things, but there was no noticeable difference. I am more and more convinced that Straight Talk just had a whole chunk of code commented out for fastboot, and it seems that it’s caused other issues; e.g., a rotating circle at bootup for no apparent reason, sometimes correctable by pulling the battery for a few, other times only correctable by a factory reset. If it turns out that it’s impossible to do anything with this firmware, I’m beginning to think it might be simpler to have Cricket flash it and just have my ST account ported out to Cricket. Ah, well. Hope all here are well.

  • diptup

    Fastboot not working with Straight talk 2.3.6. 🙁

  • William

    I tried Androot, SuperOneClick and Ginger Breaker to no avail.

    Your method Worked on my Huawei Ascend II m865 Android 2.3.6 (Cricket).

    I noticed though that [Vol Key Up + Power] get’s into fastboot on my phone and [Vol Key Down + Power] gives Huawei Flash Screen Hang.

    That said; I was not able to boot from fastboot to CWM recovery mode after running batch, so I tried [Vol Key Down + Power] connected to my PC, (while in the hanging Huawei Screen), ran all (3) programs:


    …and the phone successfully booted into CWM recovery, and I was able to then finish the root successfully as per your instructions. Thank you!!!


  • diptup

    fastboot not working with straight talk ascend2 2.3.6. any workaround?

  • Josh

    The ROOT and everything worked fine. Though I thought one of the main reasons people ROOT there phones is to be able to delete unwanted apps. How do I do this?

    • Dax Krishna

      you could install a file manager (like ES Explorer) that can access system folders and then delete the unwanted apps from the system/apps folder. But be careful as you could end up deleting something important and make your device unusable!

      • dustov

        I am considering rooting my Ascend 2 for the same reason. But won’t installing a new custom ROM accomplish the same goal, as it states in the glossary of terms for ROM: “We use these custom ROMs to change the things that would otherwise be
        unchangeable (the version of Android, remove bloatware, etc.).”
        ….. “removing bloatware” is what I am referring to. The Ascend 2 has little installed memory, limiting the amount of apps that you choose to download. I was hoping removing the “bloatware”, junk such as “Bubble Bash” “Uno”, “Muve Music”. would provide more memory. enabling me to download more of what I want.

  • Paul Julian Gould

    This thread seems to have become dormant… wondering if anyone has had any success with the Straight Talk flavor of the firmware? Their particular verson of the file crashes on powercycling, necessitating a full factory reset (good thing I keep backups every day or so), and their solution to me is to send the phone in for replacement. As this is really not an option, as my new job requires me to keep my cellphone with at all times, I’d just like to root the beast and replace the file myself… barring that, apparently I have little choice to go to a Cricket store, have them flash their FW on it, and begin to send THEM my money, but that’s unaffordable at present… can’t take the additional 50 dollar hit… has there been any further research here, at all?

  • Jesse Adkins

    Ok. So I got all the way up to where I run the 3 programs on my SD card. After I run the Recovery.bat my phone shuts down, but will not boot into CWM Recovery. Am I missing something here?

    • bigkaoz

      update the usb drivers for the phone in your computer i had the same problem

  • Andrea

    I have tried this 3 times so far… It never works 🙁

    • Mahesh Makvana

      @5137e9be11ab1263eb1eadb4d0060491:disqus Can you please tell us which step you are stuck at?

  • joseg

    I have an Ascend 2 and I did the procedures as show in this website. But, at the end my screen just stays in the start up screen: meaning Huawei logo and white background. I need help.

  • Monkey0105

    does it work for cricket?

    • Dax Krishna

      yup, this should work with the Cricket version too!

      • Monkey0105

        thank you do you anything about flashing roms? will it mess up my battery or phone?

        • Mahesh Makvana

          You should install only those custom ROMs which are developed by senior developers, like CyanogenMod and Revolution HD.

  • Monkey0105

    how do i knw if im rooted?

  • Monkey0105

    thanx(: it worked! how can i unroot lol? im just asking incase i dont want to be rooted later…

    • Mahesh Makvana

      We’ll soon have a guide on how you can unroot your device, stay tuned with us !

  • mauiredman

    Fastboot was removed on straight talk ascend II m865c running 2.3.6

  • kayla

    i have a 16 gb sd card and it isnt showing up on my computer to save that file how do i find it or what do i do

    • Dax Krishna

      did you try a card reader Kayla? use a card reader to pop the card in, connect it to your PC, copy it and then try

  • Bobby in NJ

    I went through all the steps 3 times seem to go through fine , but when I run root checker it says Im not rooted, any suggestions?

    • Dax Krishna

      Did you run into any errors Bobby?

  • Austin

    It Would not let me go into fastboot mode i held down the power and volume down

  • Theizzet

    do i keep my phone connected during the turning it off and fastboot process? im really confused about steps 3 and 4

    • Mahesh Makvana

      After completing the Step-2, disconnect the device from your PC and turn it OFF (device). Then, start procedure from the Step-3. In step-3, your device should be in Fastboot mode and in Step-4, it should be connected to your PC.

      I hope it helps you!

      If you still have any doubt, let me know!


      • the izzet

        If I disconnect it, won’t the batch file not recognize it when I plug it back in, since there’s no way to activate usb storage while in fastboot?

  • Jenni

    Which folder is my sd card?

  • Megan

    when i try to install the .zip update in the recovery screen it say installation aborted

  • Megan

    need help rooting a huawei ascend 2

  • Plume

    Will this method work on a Huawei Honour (stock Android 2.3.6)?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      The above procedure is intended to work on only Huawei Ascend II and not on any other smartphone. You should not try it on your Honour as this may brick your device.

      Thanks Plume!

  • DaveC63

    easy one for this ascend 2 on cricket and it is power volume up to get into fastboot thanks

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Glad we could help you!

  • advanced1

    i have done this method several times 100 percent by the instructions. everything works perfectly except for when i reboot, i am not rooted. im using the huawei ascend II (m865) from us cellular. i even did a full factory data reset the last time before i went through the process. nothing still. no snags except it doesnt work. any suggestions? ive also tried taking out the sd card and putting the file directly on via pc and then returning to phone…still no go. all files were initially downloaded via pc. i can say when i open adb and fastboot on my pc with phone plugged in, they just pop up with a command window and immediately dissapear. the recovery then appears to work and send my phone into cwm. any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    • Jena Clark

      poot.apk and it also comes with super user

  • Jax

    Can you please put up instructions on how too root Straight Talks
    Samsung Galaxy s2 SGH-S959G. I’ve heard people try different things like Odin and etc but it usually cripples you phone in some sort of way like wi-fi freaking out and not being able to call people. Some work but leaves a defect like that and others just brick the phone. Some help and an actual working root would be much appreciated.

  • Jennsgt350

    My phone is not going into cwm from fastboot. It appears I have done everything correctly. Please help

    • bigkaoz

      update usb drivers

  • michael

    ok i did everything it said to do but i dont see a diference. it dosent look like anything happened

  • josh

    @862bcad1e13d2f63a320e90d5a16227e:disqus thanks 4 the stream would have given up if I hadn’t seen your post

  • Josh

    On the Straight Talk version when you press Volume Down and the Power button it boots into recovery mode just like Volume Up and Power. So what would I do?

  • bigkaoz

    if u have the correct usb drivers installed in your computer shouldnt be any problems i rooted mine at second try after updating usb driver in my computer , works for cricket or ST

  • David

    Wow man, Thank you soooo much. Was looking for a way. Took me a few, but only cuz I didn’t follow EXACTLY the first time lol. But it works. I have a Cricket Ascend 2 and wasn’t sure it would work. My phones Rooted! 😀

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Hey David,

      That’s great! We’re glad we could help you root your device.

      Hope you enjoyed the procedure and stay tuned with us for more tips and tricks.


  • Faheem Nesmith

    hello i need some help, i keep trying to go into recovery mode and it keeps getting stuck at the white huawei screen
    what should i do,

  • katy

    installed drivers, now my comp wont recognize my phone at all. running windows 7. help?

  • Quinbad

    Thank you very much for this How-To. Worked like a charm and I appreciate it. Peace.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Glad it worked for you!

  • garrett

    so im stuck on step 7 i keep getting “cant mount /sdcard/”, the only thing that went wrong that i noticed was when i tried to install the Setup.exe from step 1 i keep getting this program might not of installed correctly, im not sure if thats whats hanging me up or not

    • garrett

      so i got the first step to install, but im still stuck on step 7 still, heres what im doing after i install the driver program i putting the Root-SuperUser file in my phone i shut it down normally and turn in back on in to the log screen with volume – and power i run adb – fastboot- and the .bat file my phone goes to cwm screen i leave it plugged in to the computer mount the system folder i select choose zip from sd card and then i get E:can’t mount sd card

  • britt

    which file on sd do i put

  • tyler

    Does tho same process. Work on the huawei ascend y? (Straighttalk is the provider.) To fix my power/lock button?

  • tyler

    Ok well maybe I wasn’t clear with my first post the power/locking button on my huawei Ascend y stopped functioning. I have straighttalk as a provider. How can I fix this?

  • alfred

    is fastboot mode (volume down + power buttons) the same as recovery mode (volume up + power buttons). i did as u said fastboot mode and my phone just stayed on the huawei logo. it actually ruined my sd card. its all good tho, got another. im sure this works so thanks in advance. ur the only one with links and instructions like this. will get back to you soon as im rooted. wish u had a youtube vid bro..
    also, is there something that cricket has going on that blocks all this rooting stuff?

  • alfred

    just finished rooting my ascend 2 from cricket. followed ur instructions to a T and worked the first time around. you guys are geniuses! fastboot mode/recovery mode was volume up + power buttons… now its time for a custom rom. ive never installed one before. this is the second time ive rooted this phone. i lost my root after the 2.3.6 update.

  • George

    After installing the USB driver on my W7 64 bit system I can no longer connect to my phone via USB.

    • George

      So I went into the subfolder usb_driver and ran DriverSetup64. Now it connects.

  • George

    Now I can’t get into Fastboot. When I hold power+down it hangs at the Huawei screen :/

    • George

      First off: THANK YOU for your post. It was really helpful but not so much in one regard. Here’s my two cents: WHY does not ONE of the people on any of the forums and blogs I’ve been to about this issue tell you that the Fastboot screen just hangs on the Huawei logo? I’ve been beating my head against a wall trying to get this to work and it was working all along. I thought there was supposed to be a screen like the recovery screen. Details people… details!

      • George

        PS I’m only pissed because I’ve spent close to 10 hours on this. NOT conducive.

      • Mahesh Makvana

        We’re glad it finally worked for you. You’re in fastboot mode when you see that logo.

        At the end of the day, you’ve rooted the device and celebrate it!

        • George

          Well I’m not celebrating yet because I’ve removed several unneeded apps, all my text messages and cleared all my caches and I’m STILL getting the “insufficient space” message. Also now I have the CVM Recovery screen coming up after every reboot. Do I need to unmount something? The only thing that looks mounted is the /cache.

  • jaburns180

    I have tried this three times now when I tried to do it again when extract the recovery file it says the adp is password protected and when i to just do everything on the list when I run the third file it says it cant find my device

  • eliran

    anyone has M865c Sprint rom file ?

    • Jena Clark

      my phone was sprint 865 Huawei/straittalk/tracphone

  • wiildchiild

    dude it really worked it only took me 2 weeks lol thanks a million i think people get confused after step#9 select superuser then you have to click where it says yes to confirm it then youll see it process it in the background then once its done then go back and reboot! aleast that where i wasgoing wrong lol! thanks again

  • Michael

    After rooting and when it reboots it says there is an update do I update?

    • Well, you’re suggested not to update to any newer firmware as it may break the root-access you currently have.

  • pnbalaji

    I have a T-mobile prism Huawei U8651T and this is the only method that worked for rooting this phone. Thanks for the post.

    Something that was not clear in this post.

    1. I opened up command prompt as administrator and navigated to the folder where recovery files were extracted.
    2. Ran the command “adb.exe start-server”
    3. Opened up another command prompt as administrator and ran fastboot. Nothing happened. It displayed a help window and came back to command prompt. I skipped/ignored this step.
    4. Ran the recovery.bat and then the phone booted into recovery mode.
    5. Followed the steps to install superuser and it worked perfectly.

  • C R

    I have been having the same issue as mentioned previously – phone shuts down after running recovery.bat instead of rebooting to CWM recovery. I have installed the newest usb drivers I can find and still doesn’t work. Running Win7 64bit and cannot get phone to boot to CWM recovery. Please help…

  • Miguel

    Hi! Thanks for this procedure. Everything seemed to work properly but how do I know my phone is actually rooted? And how do I delete unwanted apps? Please help!!

  • Vladislav from Russia

    OMG dude thank you !!! it works =)

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Glad it worked for you!

  • Anthony Kenneth

    Awesome Guide! Just a tip…. Instead of using the DOWN volume button Use the Up 😉

  • disqus_tqlc2eriR8

    how do i back up my data from my phone ?

  • Jena Clark

    I rooted my Huawei straittalk and accidentaly erased the call storeage and now it wont do anything hhhhheeeeeelllllllppppppppppp help please

  • Jena Clark

    I need help restoreing my phone I accidently deleted process

  • Nao Winchester

    I’ve been trying to root my tmobile prism 2.3.6 U8651V…. So many useless apps on this phone >_<
    & it's been complicated trying to find a useful way to root it. 🙁
    Will this work using my Mac or do I have to use a PC?

    • Dax Krishna

      I am not sure if this procedure works on the T-Mobile Prism as it seems to be a different device Nao, we’ll look at putting out a how-to for that device, keep coming back and you should find it here if there is a way to root your device!

      • Nao Winchester

        Hopefully you can & Thank you:)
        I will keep checking for that.

  • Chris

    I make it to the step where I have to run adb, fastboot, and recovery.bat. On recovery it cant find the device and I noticed in fastboot mode the pc no longer recognizes my phone. Any suggestions?

  • Bob

    my phone goes straight into charging mode instead of CWM recovery, how do I disable usb charging?

  • Kaila

    I might sound ridiculous, but what does “rooting” your phone mean?? What does it do?

  • Paul Kempik Jr

    Will it work on cricket phones with 2.3.6?

  • chikanito75

    I followed all instructions, no problems at all. Is there a way to prevent the CWM recovery menu from displaying while charging the phone?

  • blakkGURU

    Process gets stuck at erasing ‘recovery’

  • Pavan

    Sir, Can we root Huawei Ascend Y100 U8185 can u pls reply me as soon as posible. Thank You

  • espi

    broken mediafire links