Dead Zebra’s Series 3 Android Minis Coming Now In Q3

We love Dead Zebra’s work and couldn’t wait to get our hands on their Series 3 Android Minis back in July, but were let down when the launch was delayed. Not to worry though,as the Series 3 Android minis are now due to ship out in Q3. Reportedly, there were a few production delays, but Dead Zebra has assured us that the minis are ready to go and shipments will be on time for Q3.

So, what do we have to look forward to with the Series 3 lineup? These awesome minis will sport ball joint arms, which rotate up, down, and sideways. Pretty sweet huh? Check out the images below for yourself. Who doesn’t love these guys?

If you want to secure a few of the Series 03 figures for yourself, you will want to act quickly once they do go on sale. Previous releases have sold out in a matter of minutes, making the collectibles hard to track down.


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