Apple Unveils the iPhone 5: List of Features, Pictures, and Availability

Well, this day comes and goes every year and with it a new obsession iPhone emerges into the light. This year is no exception. The iPhone 5 has arrived and we’ve decided to put together a quick, easy to read list of all the new features, design aspects, and other details.

Event is done so no more need to refresh, it’s all here.

 iPhone 5 Design

  • Made entirely of aluminum and glass
  • 7.6mm thin
  • Weighs 112 grams
  • 4″ 1136×360 resolution retina display. – Width is the same, just taller so different aspect ratio. Looks like they essentially added a row of app icons beneath the existing four.
  • LTE and HSPA+ Support
  • A6 chipset
  • Better Battery Life – 8 hours talk or LTE browsing and 10 hours on Wifi instead
  • 8MP Camera (same as iPhone 4S resolution)
  • 1080P video (same as iPhone 4S resolution)
  • 720P front facing camera resolution
  • Three microphones for better noise cancellation
  • 3G Facetime Enabled
  • “Lightning” Connector, claiming better data transmission etc. but really we all know its so they can charge third parties a new licensing fee to make chargers and accessories…
  • Will come in White front or Black front, back will always be the metallic color.

iOS 6 Features

  • First part apps optimized for larger display on iPhone 5
  • Third party apps will run letter boxed until their developers update them (so a black bar on either side).
  • Panorama picture taking
  • New maps application with a built in search engine (we have yet to see if it’s better than Google Maps).
  • Yelp integrated into the maps
  • Turn by turn integrated into the maps
  • 3D buildings
  • Passbook for keeping track of rewards cards, booking tickets.
  • Siri knows movies, sports scores, and restaurants. She can post your updates to Facebook and Twitter.

For full details on iOS 6’s new features, head here.


Pricing and Availability

  • Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon here in the US.
  • All carriers in the US will support LTE.
  • $199 for 16GB. $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB.
  • Pre-orders start on Friday the 14th of September, shipping begins the 21st of September.

And that’s it folks. Hope this saved you the hassle of having to scour the internet for what’s new in the iPhone 5. Now, go ahead and gripe/complain/praise/commend in the comments below if you feel so inclined. Love to hear what you guys think of it. I, for one, am amazed at no mention of NFC…

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