Google Play Sells Out Of Nexus 4 In 25 Mins, Nexus 10 32GB Also Sold Out

According to Google Play, the Nexus 4 16GB and 8GB models are sold out. Currently, both versions are not available for purchase and the only thing we can see is a “Notify Me” option. The smartphone went up for sale around 8:38AM Pacific, and by 9:03AM Pacific, both models were sold out. Dang, I guess we should have camped out in a sleeping bags outside of the Google Play store…

Shortly after the Nexus 4 disappeared  the Nexus 10 32GB tablet also sold out. It looks as though the 16GB version is still up fro grabs but may not be for very long at the rate these devices are being snatched up.

Many consumers signed up to receive a notification email to alert them when the trio went live for sale, but a lot of people are complaining they never got the notification. Tell us, did you receive a notification email? Was anyone lucky enough to buy one of these devices today?


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