Nexus 4 Shows Off Working LTE in Canada

Even though Google claimed that they would not run on LTE networks, the Nexus 4 does in fact work on LTE Band 4, in Canada that is. Thanks to the teardown treatment users knew the device had a LTE chip inside of it, but no one thought it would actually work.

This gem of a discovery was recently unearthed by Canadian users. After modifying the settings (menu *#*#4636#*#* from the dialer), and changing the APN change, they were then able to relish in the joy of LTE speeds. Unfortunately, there aren’t any LTE Band 4 carriers here in the U.S. as AT&T operates on Band 17 and Verizon uses Band 13. We’re just left hoping T-Mobile decides to use LTE Band 4 with their future LTE network.  Even though we can’t benefit from this yet here in the states, we can still live vicariously through our Canadian counterparts in the meantime. Check out the action in the videos below.


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