Shipping Time Continues To Expand For The Nexus 4, Puts Consumers Waiting Into The New Year

After the Nexus 4 went back on sale on Tuesday, consumers have had to painfully watch the estimated ship time continue to increase. The device went from a ship date of  “1-2 weeks” to “3-4 weeks”  in matter of hours and was at “4-5 weeks” by Wednesday. Now, only a few short days after the device’s second round on Google Play, consumers are stuck with an estimated ship date of “6-7 weeks”. That puts us right into 2013. Happy New Year folks.

Oh, and if you are planning on buying the 8GB version- this model just got bumped to an estimated shipping time of “8-9” weeks. Will the long shipping time keep anyone from buying the Nexus 4, or is this a phone you’re willing to wait for?

Source via Google Play

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