ASUS Nexus 7 Dock Headed for a January 10th Launch Stateside

After months of rumored launch dates and painful speculation, it appears that the ASUS Nexus 7 dock is finally ready to launch in the US and Europe this month.

According to Android World, the dock is scheduled to hit stores in the Netherlands for €29.99 in mid-January. For US consumers, B&H Photo is now showing an expected  availability date of January 10th. This is great news for people who were able to secure a pre-order back in December and have been waiting for a ship date.

The ASUS manufactured dock connects through the Nexus 7’s pogo pins and enables it to connect to other devices through microUSB and headphone jack.

Nexus 7 dock image



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  • David

    l’m hopeful that the nexus 7 audio dock will really be available this month after waiting over 5 months already for ANY official accessories. However, based on past experience with Google’s pathetic customer support, I’ll believe it when i see it!