Nokia Catwalk Speculated to be Lumia 920 Successor with Thinner and Lighter Aluminum Body

With the dawn of a new year, Nokia is reportedly hoping to reclaim some of the mobile market share back. The Finnish handset maker is speculated to have  an entirely new line of Lumia Windows Phone devices lined up for 2013. Internal sources close to the project have alluded to The Verge that Nokia will make the jump to an aluminum constructed design for “at least one” of the Lumia Windows Phone devices.  The high-end device, code named Catwalk, would be the first of several new devices launched this year. Moving to an aluminum construction from the typical polycarbonate body would result in a significantly lighter and slimmer device than we’ve seen so far from Nokia.

Catwalk is expected to replace the current Lumia 920 as the company’s shining star but would still have similar hardware specs. Details still remain scarce surrounding when consumers will actually see the device, but our hopes remain high for this one.





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