T-Mobile Plans to Bring Unlimited Data Plan to Monthly4G Users

Sadly we live in a wireless world where prepaid unlimited data plans are becoming more of an endangered species with each passing year. So when we catch wind that a carrier is adding an unlimited 4G data option to their prepaid options, we can’t help but jump for joy. According to a leaked memo obtained by TmoNews, the carrier appears to be gearing up to do just that starting next week.

T-Mobile plans to replace its current 5GB monthly 4G tier with an unlimited option for Monthly4G users. This means that for the same $70 users will be able to score unlimited talk and text, without being throttled. As outlined by the memo: Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is “Perfect for video chat, streaming music/movies/TV and playing online games”

The change positively reflects T-Mobile’s promise to embrace their prepaid customers and looks to be paying off. Prepaid customers are a significant percentage of T-Mobile’s customer base and only stand to increase heavily with the impending merger of MetroPCS customers.

Any T-Mobile users out there really excited to get their hands on this?





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  • Hesster

    Going to jump on this one. It’s great for those of us who want to watch streaming video and do not have home internet access