How to Take a Screenshot on the Nexus 7

Google makes it really easy to take screenshots on its Nexus lineup devices, including the Nexus 7 tablet. On other smartphones, one usually needs to download an app that can capture screenshots and then learning how to use that app, it’s all time consuming. But with the feature preloaded on the Nexus 7, you just have to press a key-combination and the snapshot of your screen will be saved on the device. Here’s how you can take a screenshot on your Nexus 7 device.

I. Taking a Screenshot on the Nexus 7:

1. Go to the area on your device you want to take screenshot of, Settings menu, for example.

2. Press the Volume DOWN button and then immediately press the Power button.

3. You’ll hear a sound confirming that the screenshot has been taken successfully.

Good job! Your screen has been captured and is saved on your SD card. You can now share it with your friends to show them how your Settings menu looks like. If you didn’t get the screenshot captured, try doing the key-combination couple of more times, it actually takes some time to get it working.

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  • John

    not working

  • Stephen White

    not working to me too!

  • Rob

    I read you have to press the buttons at the exact same time ‘timing is everything’. This worked for me 🙂 .

  • Jimmy

    The timing just needs to be close, not exact, because you need to hold both buttons. This timing only applies if you press the power button first because the volume button will change the volume immediately. Also, it will not work when it is already saving a screenshot.

  • Realistic Ralph

    It’s painfully obvious you don’t have a Nexus 7. If you did, you’d realize there is no SD card slot, hence no SD card.

    If you wish to copy/paste others’ mistakes from the internet, feel free.

    If that’s the case, in a poor attempt to get viewers to click on your ads….that’s very low class.