iPhone Users Can Now Use Free Calling Feature Through Facebook Messenger App

Facebook is now rolling out a free calling feature in its Messenger app, which allows iPhone users to call other iPhone users who also have the Messenger app for free. The new feature made its debut in Canada a few weeks ago and is now rolling out here in the U.S.

To use the new feature open the Facebook Messenger app, select a friend, then the “i” icon in the upper right hand corner, and you will then see a “Free Call” option. The feature does not allow you to call cell phone or land lines and video calling is also absent from the new feature.

You won’t have to update your existing app to take advantage of the feature, as it will automatically appear for those who have the app already downloaded. Just like other mobile VoIP apps, like Skype, users are able to make these calls over WiFi, or their 3G, 4G, or LTE connection. Users should be aware of how much data they are consuming if making these calls on their cellular network, and use WiFi as a cheaper alternative to conserve data.

Sadly, Facebook failed to comment on whether Messenger app calling would make its way to Android or the Web. Currently, the service is free for iPhone users in the U.S.



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