New Blackberry 10 Mobile OS Unveiled Today

The next mobile OS for Blackberry users has been cooking for two long years. While it’s been a turbulent road for the company, the world still waited with baited breath to catch a glimpse of what the new OS would have in store. Thankfully, the wait for the new Blackberry 10 mobile OS is officially over and we’ve got the highlighted features from the launch event boiled down just for you.

  • BlackBerry Flow is what will help you get your multitasking on. This feature will enable you to open multiple apps and transition seamlessly back and forth.
  • BlackBerry Peek allows you to drag the Hub in from the sides of the screen. With this feature you can see what is running in the background, while the currently open app continues to run.
  • Contacts feature full BBM integration (for other BB10 users), plus a multitude of social networking functions.
  • BlackBerry Hub has been revamped with heavy social integration, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is a centralized location from where you can quickly switch between your active applications, contacts, and others.
  • Keyboard Features the ability to “flick” words that show up on the keypad for quicker typing. You can swipe left anywhere to delete the most recent word entered, while missed spaces are added automatically. Additional perks include seamless Multi-language support.
  • BlackBerry Balance allows users to quickly move between different user environments by swiping up on a homescreen.
  • BlackBerry Messenger now offers video calls and BBM Screenshare.
  • BBM Screenshare allows you to  share either the phone’s screen or what’s captured by the primary camera, during the video call.
  • BlackBerry Camera features Timeshift, which allows you to take several photos and combine the best elements from each of them. Additional features include an integrated picture editor that lets you apply photo effects, and a Story Maker which lets you make a collage by combining multiple photos, video clips and music tracks.

Sadly, details surrounding the actual browsing experience on Blackberry 10 was left out of this launch party. Guess we’ll have to go hands-on to see how it matches up to the competition. In the meantime, you can peruse the images below to get a feel of the new features. What do you think? Any of these features make you want to run out and buy a Blackberry now?

BB10_1 BB10_2 BB10_3 BB10_4 BB10_6 BB10_7 BB10



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