Need Your Help: Provide Your Internet Settings from Around the World

Calling fellow nerds out there. I’m noticing a lot of people having issues with using their phones overseas and think a great way to help out would be to have the best carrier’s internet settings (APN settings) from around the world in one place. I’ve started the list with ones I know, but need some help. If anyone has a smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.) and a moment to help out others, use the form below to send in the settings (or a screenshot of the settings if you’re feeling a bit lazy) so I can add it to the internet settings page here:

Internet Settings/MMS Settings/APN Settings/Carrier Frequencies

In addition to the settings, if you know what 3G or LTE frequencies your carrier runs on as well, please send that info along with the settings so we can add that as well (since that is also a big issue for people traveling).

Thanks for your time guys and let’s see if we can help some people out!