Microsoft Surface RT 32GB Tablet Sees a Slight Discount at $424, Limited Time Staples Promo

The newly released Microsoft Surface RT 32GB tablet is no stranger to the limelight as of lately. The slab recently made headlines for a bug that prevented users from accessing the Windows Store in addition to the discovery that the 32GB model only only had 16GB of storage on-board  Annoying bugs for a new product, but not entirely the end of the world. The real x-factor becomes the tablet’s high price tag. While having Windows 8 on a tablet seems ideal for the business niche, some consumers just can’t justify parting with $500.

Good news for the budget conscious though as Staples now has the Surface RT for a discounted price of $424 (plus sales tax where applicable). That’s after applying coupon code 99279 at checkout. This coupon code can actually be used towards any Windows desktop, laptop, or tablet. Staples is offering free shipping with an expected ship time of 2 days. Note: this is a limited time promo and only while supplies last.

While this isn’t a huge savings, it’s still a break from the original $499 retail price. Reportedly, sales for the Microsoft Surface RT are lackluster so if you’re willing to hold out awhile longer, better discounts will likely show up.

Microsoft RT Surface Promo



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