How to UnJailbreak Your Apple iPhone 4 (Video)

*In the video we use an iPhone 4 to demonstrate the procedure, the procedure is identical to the way to do it for any iPhone.

So maybe you need to turn your iPhone 4 in for warranty or maybe you just are done with changing your icons, messing with Siri, and just want to go back to the way things were before; nice and safe. Regardless of why, here’s the how. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to take your jailbroken iPhone 4 and unjailbreak it so it’s all back to stock. We can even show you how to do that without losing your data.

I. Before You Begin

1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

II. Create a Backup

1. Plug the device in to your computer via USB cable.

2. If iTunes doesn’t automatically open, open it.

3. Wait for the iPhone to sync, and then select File at the top of iTunes then Devices then Backup and wait for it to backup the device.

III. Unjailbreak the iPhone

1. In iTunes, select View and then Show Sidebar.

2. In the Sidebar on the left, select the iPhone.

3. In the main window, select Restore iPhone at the top.

4. Wait for it to Restore your iPhone. Once done, you’re all back to an unjailbroken state.

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  • Lily C

    does it work if it is an iPhone with a T-mobile service?

  • Moin Qureshi

    Alrighty, so! In a bit of a pickle here and I’m beginning to be worried.
    Recently was given a jailbroken(done through evasi0n 7) iPhone 4s and decided I wanted to unjailbreak it.
    Did some googling, and found out that to do so I had to go through Cydia and delete all downloaded stuff.
    About halfway through, Cydia crashed. Went to reopen it and the Cydia tile had disappeared, however the Winterboard tile was still on my phone?!
    Did some more research, and most places said the same, so I Erased All Content and Settings through the reset option on the iPhone.
    That was about an hour ago, and my phone is STILL stuck on the black screen with the little grey rotating loading gear doo-hickey.
    I’m starting to worry, how long does this usually take?!
    this black screen will removed whn battery is ended. then i recharged my phone and my phone will not to reset and go to save mode and message apper that your springboard is crashed ?

    Anyone have any sentiment of a clue as to what I can do here?