Verizon Droid DNA Update to Build 2.04.605.2 Now Rolling Out, Improves WiFi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth

Any time we see Verizon update a smartphone it feels like a small victory, and in this case it’s  Droid DNA users on the receiving end. We first caught wind of build 2.04.605.2 just a few days ago and it looks like the update is now live and rolling out.

The build brings with it a few small enhancements including improved WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Users will also see a significant improvement in the audio quality when connected via headsets. Not a huge update to the coveted Jelly Bean status, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Don’t fret just yet if you haven’t seen the update, as it should be headed to your device within the next couple of days.



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