Verizon Support Claims Galaxy Nexus LTE Will Receive Update “Soon”, Exact Release Date Still Unknown

The frustration is mounting for Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE owners as the device is four updates behind its other Nexus relatives. Users have been stuck wondering if and when the device will receive an update and what exactly the update will include.

Verizon Support finally offered this vague response to an aggravated customer in a tweet:

“Good question! Samsung will push the update directly to your device over the air. Sorry, no release date. But, it will be soon.”

What’s strange about theĀ responseĀ is that everyone knows Google will push out the update once it receives Verizon’s approval. We’re not sure why Verizon Support is saying Samsung will push the update out, but hey maybe they know something we don’t. The good news is that Verizon has recently approved updates for various devices over the last week so maybe Galaxy Nexus LTE users will luck out “soon”.


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