HTC’s Sense 5 Wallpapers Available for Download Here

With HTC’s new Sense 5 release we couldn’t help but notice all those sleek new wallpapers included. Well, other people took notice too and the wallpapers are now up for grabs thanks to an Android Spin forum user who swiped them.

There are Jelly Bean inspired ones, some mod black and white ones, and cool colorful designs sure to liven up your smartphone. While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea we like to give our readers at least the option. To each their own right? The good news is now anyone can download them and we’ve got them for you below. ┬áSimply click on the image that you want, right click “Save Image As”. You can also just right click and hit “Save Image As..” Move them to a folder on your device and set them as a your wallpaper.

Which one’s your favorite?

sense-wallpaper-13 sense-wallpaper-14 sense-wallpaper-15 sense-wallpaper-16 sense-wallpaper-17 sense-5-wallpaper-2 sense-5-wallpaper sense-wallpaper-3 sense-wallpaper-4 sense-wallpaper-5 sense-wallpaper-6 sense-wallpaper-8 sense-wallpaper-9 sense-wallpaper-10 sense-wallpaper-11 sense-wallpaper-12


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