The Official Nexus 7 Dock Shows Up In Google Play Finally, $29.99

We’ve only been waiting months for the Nexus 7 Dock to arrive in Google Play, and now thankfully it appears as though our wait is over. The device has finally chosen to show up in the Google online storefront and with a reasonable price of $29.99. The good news is for those of you who held out and waited this is about $10 cheaper than what other online retailers are currently priced at.

Be warned that this dock only has microUSB and audio out ports. No HDMI ports here and the device does not support MHL or HDMI-out. That means you won’t be using this device to hook your Nexus 7 up to a TV or monitor.

Ship times for the dock are currently 1-2 weeks. You can snag yours now through the Play Link below.

Play Link ($29.99)


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