Vine Founders Confirm App Headed to Android After iOS Success, Coming Soon

The wildly popular video (GIF-like) application Vine has seen major success on the iOS platform. So much that its founders have finally confirmed that the app is making its way over to Android in the near future. The app allows users to create short video clips with a maximum length of six seconds that can be shared with friends across different social networks. No exact launch date as of yet, but we did get a “coming soon”, better than not at all right?

In the meantime the Vine team is dedicated to concealing the complexity of the app to ensure users have a simple way to capture and share their video clips. We’re just wondering if Vine will suffer from the Instagram effect: “It’s not cool anymore now that people without iPhones can do it…”

If you fancy yourself a less than 6 second film connoisseur and don’t want to wait around for Vine, there is an app currently out on Google Play called Cinemagram that is a great alternative.


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