New Media Streaming Devices Passes Through the FCC, Could This Be The New Nexus Q

A new device made by Google recently passed through the FCC sporting model number H2G2-42, product name of “H840 DEVICE,” and a description that says it “functions as a media player.” The device is powered by an external source (AC adapter), so we’re guessing it’s not a smartphone or a tablet. It can also connect via WiFi over 802.11 b/g/n, and has the ability to be hooked up to a display.That’s all the details we’re able to skim from the FCC filing, but it does sound awfully familiar to the Google made media streaming device that was released last year called the Nexus Q. Who could forget that debacle?

Sources close to Google have leaked out that another Nexus Q-like device is currently in the Google pipeline. The device is code named “Wolfie,” has an RGB LED light, and will have a “emphasis on gaming.” With no comment from Google, we’re not sure if the device that just cruised through the FCC is the same one, but at least the filing gives us hope that we will soon find out what this new media player is all about.

new-nexus-q3-650x213 new-nexus-q2-650x342


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