How to Change Window’s Border Size in Windows 8

Have you ever tried to resize the window’s border on your Windows 8 PC? Most likely not. Since changing such a thing doesn’t make any difference, it is however a good thing to do if you want to customize your PC like nobody has ever done. So, the guide below will help you do that.

I. Downloading Required Files:

1. Tiny Window Borders

II. Changing Window’s Border Size in Windows 8:

1. Place the utility archive onto your Desktop.

2. Unzip files from the archive over to your Desktop.

3. Double-click on the utility’s executable file and it’ll open.

4. Now select the Border Width and Border Padding and then hit Apply.


Set the Settings to your choice and hit Apply

5. You should be able to see the changes immediately.

6. And you’re done!

Cool! You’ve just changed the border size of Windows on your PC. Have fun!

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