How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (Virgin Mobile)

So you have just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE from Virgin Mobile and your hands are itching to root it, probably to play around with your favorite root-only apps and to give some custom ROMs a shot, then this guide’s going to help you. Rooting instructions, the easiest ones, have been given in the following procedure to help you root your device. So, follow them and get your device rooted in no time.

I. Before You Begin:

1. This will void the warranty of your device. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting your device if there’s any unrooting procedure available.

2. You should have appropriate drivers installed on your PC. If you don’t, get them from here.

3. This works on Windows based PCs only.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. TWRP Recovery (Download link’s given in the first post)

2. BusyBox (Download link’s given in the first post)

3. SuperSU (Download link’s given in the first post)

4. Odin (Download link’s given in the first post)

III. Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (Virgin Mobile):

1. Download and place all of the files above to your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the Odin archive over to your Desktop.

3. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.

4. Copy both BusyBox as well as SuperSU files over to the root of your SD card.

5. Once both are copied, unplug your device from your PC.

6. Double-click on the Odin executable file and it should launch.

7. Click on PDA and select the TWRP Recovery file you downloaded earlier.

8. Uncheck the boxes labeled as Auto Reboot and Re-partition.

9. Turn OFF your device.

10. Turn it back on by holding down the Volume DOWN+Power buttons together.

11. Press the Volume UP button to go into Download mode.

12. Plug in your device to your PC using the USB cable.

13. Hit the Start button and it’ll begin flashing the file.

14. Once the file has been flashed, unplug your device from your PC.

15. Pull the battery out of your device and put it back in after a couple of seconds.

16. Now press and hold the Volume UP+Power buttons together.

17. Your device should reboot into the newly installed recovery mode.

18. From the Recovery menu, select Install and then choose the BusyBox file you copied earlier to your device.

19. Do the same for SuperSU file as well.

20. Once both the files have been flashed, reboot your device.

21. You’re rooted now!

Awesome! Your device has been rooted and is equipped with a custom recovery. Now flashing custom ROMs and mods isn’t a big deal for you!

IV. Flash a Custom ROM (Optional):

1. If you are ready to flash custom ROMs on your device, head to the How To Flash a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (Virgin Mobile) to learn how to do that.

Image Credit: CNET

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

If you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below or in the forum.

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

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  • weston

    I bought my galaxy a week ago, been itching to root it. This popped up just in time. Thanks!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Lucky you’re! Now go ahead and get your hands dirty with root!

  • Athenas

    Followed the steps to the T but when it is flashed it says succeeded 0 / failed 1????? why??

  • Frank

    Wow! This was an amazing guide and the entire process only took about 15 minutes!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s great!

      • cris

        can you help me. im at step 13. it just says 0 succeed/0 failed

        • Mahesh Makvana

          Did you choose TWRP Recovery file in the Step-7 ?

          • Zie016

            I have the same problem. I did follow Step-7 and chose “TWRP.”.

          • Jorge

            were you still able to use the phone after you got that problem?

          • Zie016

            Yes, I can still use my phone as I did before.

  • cris

    im stuck. it keeps sayin 0 succeed/0 failed help please

    • Jorge

      were you still able to use the phone after this occurred?

  • PhatJo

    Dear Mahesh,

    Thanks for your post. I intend to follow your steps for my Samsung Galaxy Victory (SPH-L300), but just wanted to understand them in terms of creating backups, unlocking the bootloader and actually rooting: I’ve read in some generic blogs/guides that the general steps are:
    1. Unlock the bootloader to allow rooting
    2. Root
    3. Create backup (‘custom recover’)
    (for example and talk about needing to unlock the bootloader before rooting).

    The question is: how does your method actually do the boot loader unlocking? Or, which step does that happen?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Guide Thanks A lot took like 2 min.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re welcome!

  • Mahesh Makvana


    It isn’t necessary to have your bootloader unlocked to be able to root your device. Some devices can be rooted without unlocking the bootloader, as it lets write files to system-level using loopholes (exploits) found by the devs.

    In the above device, you won’t need to unlock your bootloader. Just flash the recovery and supeuser and you should be able to enjoy root-access on your device!

    Hope that helps!

  • Jose Tamayo

    help with step 19 i cant find supersu

  • xxdot

    works! Thanks very much!

  • James

    I’ve tried different computers and different SD cards, but for whether reason my computer isn’t showing my phone plugged in. I’ve tried looking online but not having much success. any suggestions?

    • Joshua Osborn

      same problem here, have you found anything yet? it seems funny that we go through this much trouble just to use custom roms

  • Joshua Osborn

    I’ve been trying to root my Galaxy Victory, and by following the instructions found here, I’ve come across this problem, mainly Succeed 0/Failed 0.

  • RyanLevin

    folks who’ve rooted this phone and are tethering: Are you truly experiencing the advertised unlimited data that I currently pay for, or do you find yourselves throttled at some point?

  • eso

    Can youb still use virgins network after rooting??

  • Marx Marvelous

    Also failed miserably for me. Seems like only a few people have made this work. I suspect the original person who wrote these instructions is leaving something out. Oh well.

  • prostaff

    The procedure as shown above works BUT…as many people have discovered…what is left out is the requirement to have two settings checked. In Security have Unknown Sources checked. In Developer Options have USB Debugging checked. Then it works nicely. Otherwise you are left scratching your head. Also be aware that if you were not successful on the first attempt with Odin (and have now learned about having the settings mentioned above checked, you can change the necessary settings, turn off the phone, take out the battery, then boot the phone into the download mode described in the article and proceed as the article describes. Odin will rewrite TWRP successfully and you can reflash Busybox and SuperSU.

    Amazing how much frustration and panic ensues when simple instructions are overlooked or left out of a how-to article.

  • DT

    Being new to android and rooting, what will my phone look like after I root once I reboot? Are all the settings and apps still there? Or is it like a completely “factory” reset where everything has to be downloaded again? All I want to do is increase my memory and be able to install apps on my SD card.

  • RawrVictory

    Awesome Thanks! 😀

  • nick

    When I use the ordin 3 It instantaneously completes when i press start. the message i get is all threads complete (succeed 0, failed 0).

    Does this mean it is not seeing my device or something?

  • Guest

    Will it work without an sd card

  • Jesse D.

    *I followed the steps, except I don’t have an SD card so I put it on the internal memory. Everything was smooth, but it didn’t boot my Victory to a Recovery menu where I had any options. It booted normally. Help me Mahesh?

  • kessy nassoro

    hellow mr makesh, will all this be possible with the device powered on, but my device does not even power on by either methods power on or power on + home key + volume up alltogether