How to Enable Auto-Correct on the Samsung Galaxy S4

UPDATE 12.08.13 Thanks to a reader in the comments, there is another way to do this without replacing the keyboard. Check out the quick video we made here.

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  • huniia

    It does come with auto correct here’s how

    Hey guys I discovered how to unable the auto correct without downloading any application for the Samsung galaxy s4 Here’s the steps 1) open options 2) my device then language and input3) under the keyboard and Input methods you’ll find Samsung keyboard beside the sign of the options (Click it)4) enable the predictive text if it is not then click on it5) click on the auto replacement and delete all personalised data if you made a lot of mistakes before, then try it yourself!If it worked support me and follow me on instagram please xx ( huniiahassan )

    • Paula

      When I touch Predictive text, there is no auto replacement and there is no where to delete personalized data. That’s the problem!! The Jelly Bean Keyboard sucks too. It squishes the numbers on the top row (that is why I LOVE the Samsung keyboard in the first place, because the numbers are on the top row) and looks horrible.

    • This works on my gs4 thanks!
      Had to actually tap on the on/off slider and a new menu appeared

    • lygi

      thank you! this worked a right treat

    • T

      There’s no Auto-replace choice on my S4. I’ve seen screenshots of it being below Personalized data under Predictive Text but it’s not on mine. VERY frustrating. It is located under Swype but it’s not correcting.

      • Jacqui

        Do you have the white S4? Mine doesn’t have the auto replace option either… but my friend’s black one does. Evidently the different colors have different keyboards? ?? I can’t find how to get a new keyboard. Any help?