How to Get the iOS7 “Parallax Effect” on any Android Smartphone

One of the much-touted feature on the new iOS update is the 3D “Parallax Effect,” whereby your homescreen’s background image moves when you tilt your device.  Sounds cool and innovative right?  Cool though it may sound, it’s not that innovative on Apple’s part as the feature has been available on Android devices (granted, it’s only via third-party apps) for more than two years and is as easy as changing a wallpaper if you have the right tools installed.  Here are some of those tools that offer the same functionality and much more if you are interested in mimicking what your Apple friends have got!

I.  3D Live Image Wallpaper

The app closest to getting the Parallax 3D effect on Android is the 3D Live Image Wallpaper (developed by Optotech), which has been available on the Play Store long before Apple unveiled it on the iOS7 platform.


The app costs about $1.60 and once you download it and install it on your device, all you have to do is long-press on the homescreen, select Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers and then select 3D Live Image Wallpaper.  You can use the various settings to adjust the amount of “tilt”, pitch and rotation to suit your needs.

II.  GyroSpace 3D (Free or $1.59 for paid version)

Next up is the GyroSpace 3D live wallpaper app (also developed by Optotech).  While the app is somewhat limited in its abilities (you can only use the included 3D space wallpapers), the 3D effect seems far more convincing that 3D Live Image Wallpaper offers and seems to work great with what wallpapers have been provided with the app.


This one costs $1.59 and you can use it (once installed) by long-pressing on the homescreen and selecting Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers and then GyroSpace 3D.  As with 3D Live Image, you can control the 3D effect to some extent using the GyroSpace 3D settings.

III.  3D Perspective Wallpaper

Another app worthy of mention is the 3D Perspective Wallpaper.  The apps does what the two apps above do but adds particles sprinkled on the wallpaper that move too as you tilt your device.  That may be an addition that you would love or hate, but there should be a setting to turn that off if you feel that is not what you want.


As you can see, the “Parallax Effect” need not be limited to iPhones or iPads running iOS7 but can be used on any Android device with just a few taps.  Go ahead, try the apps we listed above and tell us your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Also, if you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below.

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  • R4

    It’s not the same thing. The main feature of the parallax effect is the movement of the icons. But unfortunately this is the closest you can get on android.