T-Mobile NYC Press Event Liveblog

Today in NYC, T-Mobile held a press event that unveiled their “boldest moves yet” and we’ve got all the highlights just for you. In case you missed the live coverage you can grab the important information below and live vicariously through our extensive live blog.


JUMP Program:

  • A system that lets customers upgrade their handsets up to twice a year.
  • $10 (per phone, plus applicable taxes and other fees) a month deal is a total protection plan that helps out with malfunctions, damage, thefts and loss of handsets.
  • Those interested are able to enroll as soon as six months after joining up. After that time, subscribers can trade in a working, eligible phone to a T-Mobile store.
  • Equipment Installment Program fees will be eliminated, and they’ll be able to buy a new phone for a new customer upfront price.

LTE Network Expansion:

  • 157 million potential customers with access to LTE
  • 4G now launched in 116 metro areas
  • Could match its HSPA+ footprint within a year

Sony Xperia Z

  • On sale now at Sony’s online and retail stores for $25 a month on an installment plan or $580 outright.
  • Phone reaches T-Mobile’s stores on July 17th; wait until then and you can either pay the full $580 price or put $100 down for the installment option

Nokia Lumia 925

  • On sale July 17th for the low, low price of $49.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $20 thereafter.

Family Plans

  • Available with no credit check

Live Blog

Thanks for joining us for the T-Mobile Live Event, we are going to go hands on and get back ASAP.  We have a feeling that the carrier will be launching Nokia’s Lumia 925 on its network, though we may also see the waterproof Sony Xperia Z. Tune in to find out!

Thankfully they gave us umbrellas.

tmobile event 2

Just enjoying some serious Rolling Stones on the loudspeakers in the mean time.

tmo camera



The event just started. Short film playing: “In March we made some big news” (They dropped their contract plan)

T-Mobile’s CEO  John Legere just took the stage. “I’ve got a bunch of things to talk about today. We’ve been quiet for a month or two.”

tmo CEO

He started using Twitter. ” I don’t like the idea of these people following you”.

Joking aside, he wants to speak the truth using Twitter and try to “not be an analyst” and focus on sales numbers but focus on the customers.

“Do what customers want”

photo 1

He’s finally explaining the weird dolls sitting on the stage, it’s a reference to carrier commercials.
“The no contract, it’s viral, it’s a revolution. And all we are doing is responding to what customers want.”
“We’re making it simpler”
“In the quarter iPhones were 29% of our smartphone sales”
“Customers love BYOD: bring your own device”
“We are going to redefine a stupid, broken, arrogant industry”
“Want some data?”
number one NYC TMo
Legere is hating on AT&T right now.
“This industry is about switchers, our target is the switchers”
“This industry is about the switching pool.” Of likely switchers… 26% will switch to T-Mobile (only 9% will go to AT&T)”
photo 2
“Their customers are kicking our door down”
“We have 3.7 million likes on Facebook”

We are excited to welcome former @ATT customers! @TMobile has tripled its flow of net-new customers from AT&T since late March.
“I’ve said all along network experience and customer experience is the true test.”
“Let me introduce Neville Ray” Chief Technology Officer”
“We are shaking up the industry. This is a dramatic time of change.”
“We have a big growing 4G network” (300 markets).”
Discussing how T-Mobile is setting up their LTE
“T-Mobile 4G LTE Now Reaches 157 Million People, Available Across 116 Markets”
Goal: 200 million markets before the end of 2013
Speeds are gonna get stronger and faster by leverage Metro PCS spectrum.
“Crazy speeds”
“10-20 mbps” (megabits per second)
“Another great device we’ve got on the network: Galaxy S4, thing friggin rocks”
“You gotta try this device out, the speeds are so damn fast”
“Almost a dozen devices supporting LTE on T-Mobile.”
“I’m telling you all these devices are rockin on our network”
“That’s what customers want, they don’t want to wait for that YouTube clip or that Facebook link, they want it and they want it now.”
Playing another video.
CEO John Legere is back on stage.
“There is no way our competitors can deploy network like this”
“Today were are going to attack the single most offensive wireless practice head one: the absolutely ridiculous rules about when you can upgrade your phone”
“When that kid across from you has a better device it pisses you off”
He’s talking about “Oh Sh*t” moments: you drop your phone in the toilet, your phone gets possessed, you drop your phone and crack the screen, your phone walks off and you can’t find it.
Survey’s say nine out of ten times people drop their phone and break the screen they saw ‘Oh sh*t!'”
oh shit
“730 days of waiting and watching new phones come out that you can’t have”

“Announcing JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone)”


JUMP costs $10 per month and also comes with phone insurance

Showing us the first in a series of JUMP! TV commercials. Starring SNL’s Bill Hader

commercial TMO


commercial TMO 2

New tagline “upgrade when you want, not when you’re told”

Mike Sievert, marketing chief, is now on the stage.

The JUMP program will be available starting six months into the contract.

“You never have to pay more as an existing customer than a new customer would pay.”


New hashtag and social media contest #hate2wait


Giving away 730 galaxy S4s to contest winners. Grand prize is an S4, plus one year of free t-mobile service and your submission will be part of a national ad campaign.

Talking about family plans now.


“1/3 of U.S. families do not qualify for valuable family discounts due to credit issues”

T Mobile is introducing unlimited family plans regardless of credit. No Credit Checks.

credit check


family plan

Mentioned the Sony Xperia Z for the first time.

xperiz Z

“Sony Xperia Z Through T-Mobile Available for $99 Down”

xperia Z 2

Now it’s Q&A time. Everyone back on stage plus T-Mobile’s chief financial officer.

T-Mobile Lumia 925 Available July 17 for $49.99 Down

“The refurbished devices will be T-Mobile certified and will also be “JUMP!-eligible”

Q&A is over. Now it’s time to play with all the smartphones.



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