How To Stop your Email from Showing Up in iMessage on your iPhone (Video)

So maybe you’ve also run into this issue. I tried to add my iMessage account to my Macbook Pro so I could use it in the Messages app on my desktop. The idea was that this would enable me to be able to respond to anyone who uses iMessage to reach me on my iPhone from my desktop (using my real keyboard and not having to look away from my work). Great thing was, it worked. Bad thing was, it now separated any messages going through iMessage and any text messages. So now when I would text people from my phone using iMessage a new thread appeared for them with my email address instead of my name they had saved for my phone number on their iPhone. If I sent a message to them as an SMS/text instead of iMessage it would show up in my old thread. Essentially, they were now talking to “two David’s” as it seamed on their phone. This became even more confusing to those people that didn’t recognize my email address initially.

So, how do you fix this? Well, after some snooping around I figured it out and thought it might benefit some other people out there that might have had the same issue. Here’s how to undo all of this madness and how to stop your email from showing up in iMessage.

I. Remove the Email from iMessage

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.

2. Scroll down and click on Messages.

3. Under iMessage, click Send & Receive.

4. Tap on Apple ID: [Your Email] at the top.

5. Tap Sign Out.

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