Motorola DROID Ultra Steps Out in Red

Even before the modern smartphone era, Motorola recognized the importance of handset aesthetics, infusing some of its featurephones with bright hues at a time when LG and Samsung were still churning out barely-distinguishable black and gray flips. It’s been no surprise, then, to watch the American manufacturer continue offering colorful, special editions such as the recent blue DROID RAZR HD, and DROID RAZR M, or the pink M for Valentine’s Day.

For the launch of its latest DROID lineup (Ultra, MAXX, and Mini), Moto decided to give at least one of the devices a racier paint job right out of the gate: while all three phones will come in black, and both Ultra and Mini will offer a white SKU as well, the flagship DROID Ultra will take things a bit further by going red too. Notably, Motorola seems to be doing more than just adding some colorful accents to the sides, as it has been criticized for in the past — this time around, Ultra’s full Kevlar backplate shows off the new shade, and apparently the white edition even has a totally blank face to boot.

Invitations have just began to disperse for the lineup’s debut, at a July 24th event, and we’ve heard several times that the actual product release is scheduled for August 8th — or less than three weeks from now.

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