LG Optimus L9 II Detailed

While all eyes are still on the company’s recently unveiled G2 flagship, LG is poised to fill out the second-generation of its mid-range L-series, preparing a sequel to last year’s Optimus L9. Like last year, the Optimus L9 II will follow its linemates (L3 II, L5 II, and L7 II) […]

Motorola Moto X: First Press Shots

Invitations for the launch presentation just went out a few hours ago, but you won’t have to wait until August 1st to check out the mightily-hyped Motorola Moto X (or is it moto x?) Designed not as an early adopter’s phone, but instead as an everyman phone, the X is

Motorola DROID Ultra Steps Out in Red

Even before the modern smartphone era, Motorola recognized the importance of handset aesthetics, infusing some of its featurephones with bright hues at a time when LG and Samsung were still churning out barely-distinguishable black and gray flips. It’s been no surprise, then, to watch the American manufacturer continue offering colorful,

A Cheap Moto X is Good for Android

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Motorola’s upcoming Moto X is not going to be the flagship device that many Android fans were hoping for. Ever since Android and Me suggested that the Vienamese handset leak from mid-March was actually an early version of what was then still known as the

Motorola DROID Ultra Fully Revealed

While all eyes are on the upcoming, US-built Moto X, Motorola also has some higher-end fare incoming, with its best handsets naturally adopting the DROID moniker and landing on Verizon Wireless. Just like last model year, Moto is bringing three separate devices to the table: the DROID MAXX (XT1080M), DROID

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Revealed for AT&T

It’s no secret that Samsung’s got a full complement of Galaxy S 4-derived handsets trickling out over the next few months; the company just revealed the S 4 Mini, and next up we’re expecting a more rugged, full-sized device known as the Galaxy S 4 Active (codename: J Active). Active,

The HTC Phablet

HTC is indeed working on a so-called phablet-class smartphone with pen-based input, we’ve learned, an attempt to challenge the market dominance of Samsung in larger-screen Android handsets. T6, as it is codenamed, has been tipped as a 5.9-inch, full HD beast of a device, powered by a top-of-the-line Qualcomm MSM8974

Nokia Needs Android: Guest Editorial by @evleaks

With the launch of the Lumia 925 “Catwalk,” Nokia has only further cemented itself as one of the elite industrial designers of modern smartphones. Perhaps only Apple (and now, HTC?) puts more care into the form and function of its products than the proud Finnish manufacturer — which is why