Invitations for the launch presentation just went out a few hours ago, but you won’t have to wait until August 1st to check out the mightily-hyped Motorola Moto X (or is it moto x?) Designed not as an early adopter’s phone, but instead as an everyman phone, the X is the new Motorola’s first attempt to push some serious volume under new-ish owner Google. With a mid-range spec-sheet, but a decked-out feature set — and heavy customizability options — Moto X hopes to win over a market saturated with a host of Galaxies and Optumi.

Expected to hit retail near the end of the month, on multiple US carriers at extremely competitive price points, Moto X is surely just the first of many Google-inspired collaborations — with future handsets destined to compete in the high end as well. Until that day, Motorola will always have a plethora of DROIDs with cutting edge features on offer; the latest batch of these popular Verizon devices is scheduled to be revealed in just a few days’ time.


  • Android Saves

    That is sexy. If only it was 5 inch screen

    • cas_e

      No thanks! I’m glad it’s 4.7, and smaller than my Galaxy Nexus. Perfect size.

      • Android Saves

        Ahhh I thought it was 4.5 for some reason. 4.5 minus the menu bar is getting too small for me.

        • cas_e

          I think there were various rumours, but the guy who made the video measured it and took a picture and it was 4.7 including the on-screen buttons.

        • SymonDT

          the @evleaks guy says it has a 4.5 inch display ?

          • blackagent

            4.3 is perfect. But 4.5 is good too. We shouldn’t carry big screen and heavy smartphones anymore. We need thinner and smaller ones. This is why iPhone sells more… “The Design” factor.

    • pinco

      you are mad

    • AK

      If only there was a battery to last calls, GPS use, 3/4G, browsing and and music streaming for a day!

      • John-Smith

        It’s motorola so, we might see a big battery in this thing. Specs haven’t been released yet.

        • Richard

          i don’t even think the battery comes off of the Moto one X or whatever the one out now is called, they look the same ass my friend just bought one for $49 at verizon, she said sales guy told her they needed to move them Fast, well this explains it!

      • TS

        That’s the rumor behind the mid end specs. The theory is that they want to push a device that can last at least a day in most situations.

        • AK

          If that’s so then I will throw my Galaxy Nexus in dustbin[1] and set aside my iPlans and will happily get it from USA even though Motorola has officially exited Indian markets.

          [1]Actually I’ll sell it or give it to friend or family.

        • Simon

          Even the S4 lasts 2 days of rather heavy beating. I bet this should last longer, although 2 Krait cores are less power efficient than 4 Krait 300 cores (race to idle on 2 older Kraits takes longer and chipset drain is not much lower).

      • jh123416

        The Verge backtracked on the small battery.

  • Daveydog

    So is the general consensus now that this will be in the 300 range off contract?

    • Chuck banter

      That’s the subsidized price by Google. Outside the play store it’ll be 400 ish.

      • geoff1

        it’s going to cost $200 unlocked. trust me.

        • Grimmjow

          No go. 200 is way too low.

          • Jay Batavia

            It should be in the $250 – $300 range. Otherwise why would anyone choose this over the N4?

          • Because it has LTE and works on Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, etc.?

          • Sheldon


          • kstagg

            Any idea if they will sell this thing in like, Best Buy?

          • geoff1

            Leo Leporte, who was at the private intro party, pretty much admitted to it on This week in Google on wednesday. Watch it.

  • Tohe

    Looking good.

  • I wish they had changed up the status bar, too. Just as transparant as the navigation buttons, but with more of a greyish icon colors versus the cold and geeky Jelly bean blue color.

    • cochranbt

      Can you fix that with rooting/flashing a new rom? I have Trick Droid on my HTC One and was able to customize my status bar with whatever color I wanted.

  • Android User

    This blog sucks when viewed on a mobile device

    • SymonDT

      I think he has to decrease the width pan

    • Sorry guys! Been meaning to redo the mobile site. Fixed the image tho now it shows! Sorry again everybody!

      • Vibrunazo

        Look up what responsive design means.

        • I’m well aware of what it is but since I’m the only person who works here it’s much easier to look it up vs spending the amount of time it takes to convert my site to responsive design. No need to be an ass…

          • Arun

            Would you like to hire me to redesign this site? I mean a responsive wp theme!!!

  • Derp

    September 25th?

  • Where’s the battery info, must have battery info!

  • CoreyHardin

    these designs all look the same anymore, I have a hard time getting excited about any of this. I’m sure the specs will be good, but it looks just like every other phone. Whoo.

    • Cierra Butler

      the same?

    • Michael Pahl

      this thing will be CHEAP off contract.

      which is important.

  • jake

    Very good looking device, will sell.

  • bobbigballs

    the round backing of the phone will haunt moto because Apple did the same thing and went back to a flat backing, try to lay the phone down.

  • sleeplessinva

    Please let this have replaceable battery and sd card.