Motorola Moto X: First Press Shots

Invitations for the launch presentation just went out a few hours ago, but you won’t have to wait until August 1st to check out the mightily-hyped Motorola Moto X (or is it moto x?) Designed not as an early adopter’s phone, but instead as an everyman phone, the X is the new Motorola’s first attempt to push some serious volume under new-ish owner Google. With a mid-range spec-sheet, but a decked-out feature set — and heavy customizability options — Moto X hopes to win over a market saturated with a host of Galaxies and Optumi.

Expected to hit retail near the end of the month, on multiple US carriers at extremely competitive price points, Moto X is surely just the first of many Google-inspired collaborations — with future handsets destined to compete in the high end as well. Until that day, Motorola will always have a plethora of DROIDs with cutting edge features on offer; the latest batch of these popular Verizon devices is scheduled to be revealed in just a few days’ time.


40 responses to “Motorola Moto X: First Press Shots”

  1. Android Saves says:

    That is sexy. If only it was 5 inch screen

    • cas_e says:

      No thanks! I’m glad it’s 4.7, and smaller than my Galaxy Nexus. Perfect size.

      • Android Saves says:

        Ahhh I thought it was 4.5 for some reason. 4.5 minus the menu bar is getting too small for me.

        • cas_e says:

          I think there were various rumours, but the guy who made the video measured it and took a picture and it was 4.7 including the on-screen buttons.

        • SymonDT says:

          the @evleaks guy says it has a 4.5 inch display ?

          • blackagent says:

            4.3 is perfect. But 4.5 is good too. We shouldn’t carry big screen and heavy smartphones anymore. We need thinner and smaller ones. This is why iPhone sells more… “The Design” factor.

    • pinco says:

      you are mad

    • AK says:

      If only there was a battery to last calls, GPS use, 3/4G, browsing and and music streaming for a day!

      • John-Smith says:

        It’s motorola so, we might see a big battery in this thing. Specs haven’t been released yet.

        • Richard says:

          i don’t even think the battery comes off of the Moto one X or whatever the one out now is called, they look the same ass my friend just bought one for $49 at verizon, she said sales guy told her they needed to move them Fast, well this explains it!

      • TS says:

        That’s the rumor behind the mid end specs. The theory is that they want to push a device that can last at least a day in most situations.

        • AK says:

          If that’s so then I will throw my Galaxy Nexus in dustbin[1] and set aside my iPlans and will happily get it from USA even though Motorola has officially exited Indian markets.

          [1]Actually I’ll sell it or give it to friend or family.

        • Simon says:

          Even the S4 lasts 2 days of rather heavy beating. I bet this should last longer, although 2 Krait cores are less power efficient than 4 Krait 300 cores (race to idle on 2 older Kraits takes longer and chipset drain is not much lower).

      • jh123416 says:

        The Verge backtracked on the small battery.

  2. Daveydog says:

    So is the general consensus now that this will be in the 300 range off contract?

  3. Tohe says:

    Looking good.

  4. I wish they had changed up the status bar, too. Just as transparant as the navigation buttons, but with more of a greyish icon colors versus the cold and geeky Jelly bean blue color.

    • cochranbt says:

      Can you fix that with rooting/flashing a new rom? I have Trick Droid on my HTC One and was able to customize my status bar with whatever color I wanted.

  5. Android User says:

    This blog sucks when viewed on a mobile device

  6. Derp says:

    September 25th?

  7. Where’s the battery info, must have battery info!

  8. CoreyHardin says:

    these designs all look the same anymore, I have a hard time getting excited about any of this. I’m sure the specs will be good, but it looks just like every other phone. Whoo.

  9. jake says:

    Very good looking device, will sell.

  10. bobbigballs says:

    the round backing of the phone will haunt moto because Apple did the same thing and went back to a flat backing, try to lay the phone down.

  11. sleeplessinva says:

    Please let this have replaceable battery and sd card.

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