Motorola DROID Ultra Fully Revealed

While all eyes are on the upcoming, US-built Moto X, Motorola also has some higher-end fare incoming, with its best handsets naturally adopting the DROID moniker and landing on Verizon Wireless. Just like last model year, Moto is bringing three separate devices to the table: the DROID MAXX (XT1080M), DROID Mini (XT1030), and the phone pictured above, the DROID Ultra (recently seen in white, also coming in red, as XT1080, XT1080W, and XT1080R, respectively).

As has been noted since the first appearance of the MAXX, Ultra (a slimmer doppelganger) takes the unusual step of eschewing all branding to the back of the phone, with only a tasteful set of batwings where once the word MOTOROLA would have been most evident. Even VZW apparently let its close partner convince it to take a backseat, something that Samsung could not even achieve with the Galaxy Note II and its amusing logo-on-a-button. (The tight VZ-Moto relationship can also be seen in the fact that Moto X is going to be joining these three DROIDs in the lineup, not rebranding or supplanting any of them.)

One nice feature that should be a warm welcome for Motorola fans accustomed to sub-par imaging from the company’s handsets: the camera is said to be a so-called 10-megapixel RGBC model, which will apparently contain an extra sensor (the “C”) that helps establish white balance and exposure. The end result is faster captures and, more importantly, better-looking shots in more diverse environments.

The rest of the specs were only a guess at this time, but a fairly educated one: expect a ~5-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM; you know, a flagship smartphone circa 2013. With Motorola holding a reportedly non-Moto X event in just a few days (on the 11th), chances are pretty good that the whole new DROID family will soon be revealed.

5 thoughts on “Motorola DROID Ultra Fully Revealed”

  1. SmokeNMirrors

    You might say “Fully Pictured” rather than “Fully Revealed” unless you plan to reveal more than pictures!

    1. What exactly is wrong with that? All smartphones released have basically just been an ungraded version of it’s previous model. iPhone, Galaxy, One, etc you name it.

    2. You don’t like the RAZR series? *yawn*
      One of the best series of smart phones in terms of design with its strength because of Kevlar and that sexy slim design. Plus the screens used to look great.

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