Leaked Press Image Shows Off Galaxy S4 In New Brown Autumn Color For Verizon

Thanks to our reliable friend @evleaks, you can feast your hungry eyes on a new leaked image that suggests a Brown Autumn Samsung Galaxy S4 is ready for Verizon’s device portfolio. Just like AT&T has the exclusive Aurora Red Galaxy S4, we knew it was only a matter of time before Big Red had to secure a unique color of their own.

The press render doesn’t give us any other details besides a good look at the new color. We’re still in the dark as to when Verizon will ship this GS4 or if the Blue Artic model will be available at the same time. What do you think about the fall inspired color mode? Would you rather sport the subdued brown hue or do you fancy yourself more of an in your face Blue Arctic  type?

Source via @evleaks

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  • Nightowl

    This brown is awful! Why bother; it’s almost black anyway.

  • Nightowl

    I’d rather buy black than this brown, and that says a lot because I’ve been holding out for a color.