How to Enable All Apps in Pen Window on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Video)

You’ve rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and now are wondering what you can do next? Well, one great feature you can enable after rooting the Note 3 is the ability to enable other apps for use with the Pen Window feature. The Pen Window is a feature built in to the Galaxy Note 3 that allows you to draw a square on your device’s screen and open another app in a window the size of that square (roughly the size that is). Down side is that you can only use apps Samsung approved for use. That is, until you do the following procedure. After that, you can add any app you want. Here’s how.

I Before You Begin

  1. You must be rooted. Head here to see all of our Galaxy Note 3 How To’s and look for the rooting procedure for your specific version.

II. Install the Pen Window Manager

  1. Head to the developer’s post here, scroll down to the end of the first post and download the apk and save it to your Desktop.
  2. Plug in your Galaxy Note 3 via USB cable.
  3. Copy the apk you downloaded earlier to the root of the device’s storage (not inside any other folders).
  4. Unplug the device.
  5. Pull down the notification bar and click on the Settings icon.
  6. Tap the General tab.
  7. Tap Security.
  8. Turn ON Unknown Sources so we can install the apk file.
  9. Open the Play Store, search for, and install ES File Explorer (or any other file explorer for that matter).
  10. Once installed, open ES File Explorer.
  11. Tap the apk file you copied over earlier and click Install.

III. Enable Other Apps for Use with the Pen Window Feature

  1. Open Pen Window Manager.
  2. Grant Superuser Permissions.
  3. Tap on all of the apps you want to enable for use with the Pen Window Feature (tap again to disable an app).
  4. Tap the Save icon at the bottom.
  5. Reboot the device.

If this procedure helped you, please consider thanking or donating to the original developer here.

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  • Briggs

    The apk file that’s linked is a lot different from the one used in the video… The linked file is in a zip and has a number of different files and xml documents inside. None of these are shown in the video. As a result, the file showed up as a zip file on ES file explorer and could not be installed….. Please help.

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