How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on iOS 7 (Video)

I showed you how to block someone in iOS 7 that’s been bothering or stalking you earlier, but what if you happen to be the stalker? What if you REALLY need to talk to someone and can’t explain why? Maybe you just really love the shape of their feet? Or maybe you just need one more strand of their hair to be able to complete that voodoo doll you’re working on? If only they would answer your texts and phone calls!

Well, if they have an iPhone and iOS 7, they might have seen our how to and you are blocked. Instead of scraping the voodoo doll idea, want to check to see if they’ve blocked you? While there isn’t a surefire way to find this out, there are some pretty good signs to give you an idea. Here they are.

I. How to Check if Someone Has Blocked You in iOS 7

Texting them will result in it seeming if the text went through, but in actuality, the person won’t receive anything so sending a few without a response is the first sign. Next though, you’ll want to call them. It seems that when you are blocked by iOS 7 the device simply rings once, says the phone is unavailable, and ask you to leave a message (which they will never actually receive or be notified by) . This is opposed to the person rejecting the call or simply missing it because normally when that happens the device will at least ring multiple times before going to voicemail.

There you have it. A way to check if someone thinks you’re a stalker or not. Enjoy, you crazy, you.

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