How to Root Your Android Device (Framaroot Method)

Framaroot is a one-click universal root method that works on a number of Android devices. With a couple of root exploits attached with the app, you can easily root your device in no time. The app also allows users to unroot their devices within a single-click, so you can just go back to the unrooted state in a second should you want to. So without further ado, let’s see how you can root your device using Framaroot:

I. Before You Begin:

1. This will void the warranty of your device. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting your device if there’s any unrooting procedure available.

2. This only works for the devices listed on this page.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Framaroot APK (It’s attached in the first post)

III. Rooting Your Android Device (Framaroot Method):

1. Download and place the Framaroot APK onto your Desktop.

2. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.

3. Copy the Framaroot APK over to the root of your SD card.

4. Once it’s been copied, disconnect your device from your PC.

5. Head to Menu>>Settings>>Security on your device and enable the Unknown sources option.

6. Open the File Manager app on your device and install the app you copied earlier to your device.

7. Once the app’s been installed, launch it from your App Drawer.

8. Select Install SuperSU from the first dropdown menu.

9. As for selecting the exploit (there’re three, Sam, Frodo and Aragorn), head to this page and see what exploit works for your device. Once you find it out, tap on it in the app.

10. The app should begin rooting your device, shouldn’t take too long to finish.

11. Reboot your device once it’s been rooted.

12. You’re all done!

Excellent! You’ve successfully rooted your Android device using the Framaroot app and you should now be able to see the SuperSU app in your App Drawer!

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

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  • Jerryb

    Have down loaded every version on framaroot, can’t get any of them to work. I have a note 2. All version’s only show three exploits, none of which works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tifaye Garcia

    my android says “your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in framaroot” what does this even mean? Thanks!

    • Robin

      Haha same here

      • It means your device isn’t one of the devices supported by Framaroot.

        • Mohammad Sanaei

          any other apps ?

          • Wesley Peters

            pingpong root

  • kuyajhun

    this works for myphone agua iceberg.. Thanks ~

  • Patrick

    after i reboot my phone the i launched the SuperSU and in updating the su binary it always says “Installation Failed”. what should i do?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Sunny

    I even can’t get this app working on my Note2! Tried out all 17 versions and after installation I’ve always got just Argaron which wasn’t accepted by my system. Is it kind of joke from developer’s side?

  • Valentijn

    Simplest way: Connect your phone to your windows pc, install drivers and download eroot.exe. launch eroot.exe and tap on the big button root. Done.

    If you want to unroot, reconnect to your PC. Launch eroot.exe and retap on the same button. Done.

    Best and simplest way ever !

  • Santi perez

    cuando abro el framaroot le doy en gandalf se sale la aplicacion que debo hacer? por favor

  • Santi perez

    tengo un LG optimus L3 ii (e431g)

  • Random guy

    It won’t let me download the latest versionof “SuperOneClick”

  • Logan

    i dont know how to reboot my device. Help!

    • Hello Logan,

      Reboot means to turn OFF your device and then turn it back on again.


  • william

    The only exploit shown on mine is aragorn
    , and it doesn’t work, can you explain why? BTW I have a Moto E

  • padil

    my galaxy grand duos is not vulnerable to exploit using framaaot. how this can happen? and what should i do? is there any other apps? can you explain to me

  • marcus

    any help for root Sony Aquos 306sh

  • Nigeria Daniel

    The only exploit shown on mine is aragorn and it wont work. What do I do? Im using a T-mobile galaxy note 3

  • Munish Kumar

    phones takes too much time for reboot & if i switch it on (by reomving battery ) it shows its not rooted

  • guywhoplaysclashofclans

    I have xmodgame app and it says i need to root my Samsung tab 3, it gives me two rooting tools, one is kingroot and the other is rooting guide, how do i root my tablet like this. It says it should all be mibile, the rooting should be mobile.

  • Question

    Hello. Just a question. How do you reboot your phone? tgabjs

    • Question


  • bakonfreek

    I have read that there are actually exploits in this application that will work on my phone. Problem is, however, they do not show up when I install this application.

  • Thats My Name Bro

    Why my app just closing all the time when i press gendalf exploit( argon dont work)??